Fees and charges

If you require a new or replacement bin or box, or an extra bulky item collection, charges apply.

New residents

Full set of three 140 litre waste and recycling bins (general waste bin, burgundy and brown recycling bins), blue and green recycling boxes

  • £60

240 litre recycling bin (either burgundy OR brown), 140 litre general waste bin, blue and green recycling boxes

  • £60

240 litre general waste bin, 140 litre burgundy and brown recycling bins, blue and green recycling boxes

  • £79

Kerbside blue and green boxes

  • Free of charge

Kerbside box lid

  • £3.30 (Call 01724 297000 to request and pay)

If the bin is out of warranty period, customer damaged, or stolen the following charges apply:

  • 140 litre – £27
  • 240 litre – £37

If your bin is still under the warranty period (1 year from date of delivery) and is defective:

  • Free of charge

Collection of up to three items (see bulky collections for items that can and cannot be collected).

  • First collection is free of charge
  • Second and subsequent collections of up to three items (within a twelve month period from your first collection) – £20

Plasterboard, soil, ceramics, hardcore, rubble and tyres can be disposed of at some of our Household Recycling Centres, for a charge.

  • £4 per bucket or bag
  • £4 per single item (e.g wash basin, toilet pedestal, plant pot).
  • £9 per load in a car boot or a small trailer (less than one metre long).
  • £32 per load in a medium trailer (between one and two metres long) or medium van (similar to Caddy or Kangoo size).
  • £64 per load in a large trailer (over two metres long and all double axle trailers) or large vans (similar to Transit size).
  • £7 per car/motorbike tyre (we are unable to accept tractor or lorry tyres).

Please bring the correct amount of money for disposal of these items. (From 1 April, only card payments will be accepted).

Lincolnshire County Council residents can apply for up to 12 visits per year at a cost of £160. Please email wastemanagement@northlincs.gov.uk or call 01724 297848 for more details.