Opening times and locations of Household Recycling Centres

Tuesday 24 March, 2pm

In recent days there has been a significant increase in the number of residents visiting Household Recycling Centres.

We are working hard to maintain current site operating hours and waste logistics operations to ensure the sites continue to have enough capacity to receive waste.

This may be compromised if the demand for this service continues at the current rate.

Residents are urged to use the sites only in exceptional circumstances, for example where they have excess general household waste to dispose of.

The council are also asking that residents who must visit the sites observe social distancing rules and remember that Government guidelines are that everyone stay at home unless their journey is essential.

To keep up-to-date with which council services have been affected by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, please visit our Coronavirus: live updates of council services affected page.

Our household recycling centres (council tips)

There are eight Household Recycling Centres (often referred to as the ‘council tip’) in North Lincolnshire where you can take household waste and recycling.

    To find out what sort of waste can be taken to the sites, please see our what you can take page. Please separate your waste before coming along to the site so we can recycle as much as possible.

    Larger vehicles and trailers may require a permit to be allowed on site – please check if you need a permit.

    The sites are for disposal only. Residents are unable to take items from the site. Items which may be suitable for re-use may be sold by the council through approved contracted companies.  This helps us to comply with the ‘waste hierarchy’.

    Our sites are for household waste only. For commercial, trade or business waste, please see our commercial waste pages.

    All sites are closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

    Scunthorpe (Cottage Beck Road) is the only site which is open seven days per week.  All the other sites are open Friday to Tuesday only.

    Lincolnshire County Council residents can apply for up to 12 visits per year at a cost of £160. Please email or call 01724 297848 for more details.

    It is free to dispose of most items. We have to charge to dispose of plasterboard, soil, ceramics, hardcore and rubble and tyres:

    • £4 per bucket or bag
    • £4 per single item (e.g wash basin, toilet pedestal, plant pot)
    • £9 per load in a car boot or a small trailer (less than one metre long)
    • £32 per load in a medium trailer (between one and two metres long) or medium van (similar to Caddy or Kangoo size)
    • £64 per load in a large trailer (over two metres long and all double axle trailers) or large vans (similar to Transit size)
    • £7 per car/motorbike tyre (we are unable to accept tractor or lorry tyres).

    Please bring the correct amount of money for disposal of these items. (From 1 April, only card payments will be accepted).

    Lincolnshire County Council residents can apply for 12 visits per year at a cost of £160 for Kirton in Lindsey and Barnetby sites. Please email or call 01724 297848 for more details.