Community Governance Review


A Community Governance Review (CGR) provides an opportunity to put in place strong, clearly defined boundaries, which reflect local identities and facilitate effective and convenient local government. It can take place for the whole or individual parts of the district to consider one or more of the following:

  • Creating, merging, altering or abolishing parishes
  • The naming of parishes and the style of new parishes/town councils
  • Electoral arrangements for parishes/town councils including:
    • the ordinary year of election
    • the number of councillors to be elected; and
    • the warding (if any) of the parish/town councils
  • Grouping parishes under a common parish council or de-grouping parishes.

We are required to ensure that community governance within the area under review will be:

  • Reflective of the identities and interests of the community in that area; and
  • Effective and convenient
  • In doing so, the CGR is required to take account of:
  • The impact of community governance arrangements on community cohesion; and
  • The size, population and boundaries of a local community or parish council.

Terms of Reference

We have considered the requirements listed above when drawing up the objectives and questions that proposals for changes will be assessed against.

We must also have regard to the Guidance on Community Governance Reviews issued by the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities and the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

Further details about the Community Governance Review can be found in the Terms of Reference [PDF, 213Kb]

How to get involved

Before making any recommendations or publishing final proposals, the council will take full account of the views of local people in the Parishes being reviewed and will comply with the statutory consultative requirements by –

  • Consulting local government electors in the Parishes
  • Consulting any other person or body (including other relevant local authorities and parish councils) which appears to the council to have an interest in the review
  • Taking into account any representations received in connection with the review.
  • Notifying consultees of the outcome of the review and,
  • Publishing all decisions taken and the reasons for such decisions.

The council invite comments from anyone with an interest in the review. Comments or observations can be submitted by completing the short questionnaire below:

Stage 1

Stage 1 consultation will be undertaken between Monday 12 February 2024 and midnight on Friday 12 April 2024. During this consultation, we will be seeking views and/or proposals about existing parish boundaries, numbers of councillors and if any new parishes should be created or existing parishes abolished or merged and where these should be.

Stage 2

Stage 2 consultation will take place during the early part of summer 2024. At this point we will consult on proposals that arose from stage 1 of the review. Scroll down to view the proposals by area and give your feedback. Further details will appear on this page at that point.

The Full Council will consider whether to adopt any of the outcomes of the review in December 2024.

If you have any questions or would like more information please email Communitygovernancereview@northlincs.gov.uk

Frequently asked questions

Further information is available on our frequently asked questions page.