Commercial Agenda

Find out how North Lincolnshire Council generates income through commercial opportunities.

The commercial journey

North Lincolnshire Council has started on our commercial journey to support and enhance services that we offer.

The current economic climate and changing local government landscape requires local authorities to become more enterprising and commercial in outlook. Our commercial policy sets out the framework and strategic direction for how we can generate income through the pursuit of commercial activities.

The benefits of commercial opportunities

The benefits of pursuing commercial opportunities are:

  • Maintain, grow, or limit the loss of employment opportunities in North Lincolnshire
  • Optimise fixed running costs, thereby reducing overall costs of delivering council services
  • Enhancing the reputation of the council as a dynamic, high performing and entrepreneurial organisation that is committed to providing excellent services to customers
  • Provide new income streams to help mitigate the effect of funding reductions
  • Pro-actively respond to the changing environment for local authorities
  • Provide a return for reinvestment and improvement in core service delivery

The council’s constitution makes it clear that the council exists to serve the public interest, and that its main purpose is to improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the area. Commercial services will positively contribute to achieving these aspirations.

The council will not pursue any commercial activity where the risk of failure is considered to be unacceptably high.

Commercial services

North Lincolnshire Council has developed a range of commercial services suitable for:

  • Schools and academies
  • SME and the private sector
  • Public sector

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