North Lincolnshire Mobile Library Service

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Changes to the mobile library service

We have recently made some changes to our Mobile Library routes and would like to remind customers that the Mobile Library no longer visits any stops on a Saturday.

Greetwell and Scawby now receive a service on Mondays three-weekly at the following times:

  • Greetwell Crossroads 9.55-10.15am
  • Messingham Lane Scawby 10.50-11.10am
  • Scawby Village Hall 11.20am-12pm and
  • Gainsborough Lane, Scawby 12.05-12.30pm.

Westwoodside now receives a service on Thursdays three-weekly at the following times:

  • Westwoodside Village Hall 10.50-11.10am
  • Commonside 11.15-11.35am and
  • the pond 11.40am-12pm.

Westcliff now receives a service on Fridays three-weekly at the following time:

  • Swinburne Road 9.30–11.30am.

Mobile library service during coronavirus restrictions

From Monday 14 September, North Lincolnshire libraries will be offering a new kind of mobile library service.

Customers will be able to collect a bag of Ready Reads from the mobile library at a pre-arranged time.

Ready Reads are a selection of books or audiobooks chosen by library staff, based on what the customer has told them they would like to read. The service has already been running in several of our libraries, where we have been unable to offer browsing for health and safety reasons.

If you are a mobile library customer and you have previously given us your contact details, such as a phone number or e mail address, the mobile library staff will contact you and ask you whether you would like to use this service.

They will take some details from you about the sort of books you would like, and then offer you a date and time for collection. The mobile library will only visit a stop if there is an arrangement for customers to collect Ready Reads.

Customers collecting their Ready Reads will not be able to go on to the vehicle and browse, but they will be able to return their loans at the same time. Returned books will be quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours.

If you are an existing customer and you do not hear from mobile library staff, or if you would like to know more about this service, please contact us at library.enquiries@northlincs.gov.uk or 01724 865675

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