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Paper maps

In the local studies section of Scunthorpe Central we have some local Ordinance Survey maps. These maps cover the whole of North Lincolnshire, as well as large parts of the surrounding area.

  • 1890 6 inches to a mile edition
  • 1907 (circa) 25 inches to a mile edition
  • 1908 6 inches to a mile edition
  • 1948 prov. 6 inches to a mile edition
  • 1956 prov. 6 inches to a mile edition
  • 1965 1:2,500 edition
  • 1965 6 inches to a mile edition
  • 1975 1:10,000 edition
  • 1975 1:2,500 edition.

Maps on computer

We also have a historic maps computer programme covering the whole of North Lincolnshire from the late 19th century up to the early 20th century. These can be viewed on a dedicated computer in Scunthorpe Central.

  • Lincolnshire – 1886-88, 1906-8, 1921, 1932-40
  • Yorkshire – 1890-91, 1903-7, 1931
  • Nottinghamshire – 1886, 1899

Please note that these maps can only be viewed by one person at a time, so please contact us in advance if you plan to make a special journey to look at them.

You cannot make copies of the maps held on computer. You may be able to make photocopies of paper maps (subject to copyright law). Please check with the library staff for further details.

1910 valuation maps and field books

We also hold some valuation maps on computer for parts of the local area. These were originally generated from the valuation of all land and property in the England, Wales and Scotland over one acre as of 30th April 1909. The valuation was carried out under the Finance Act (1909-1910), under the authority of the Valuation Office of the Board of Inland Revenue. Freehold owners were recorded but also some leaseholders. The records might include common and waste land. Accompanying field books on microform list the name and address of property/land owner and tenants.

Please note that the valuation maps and field books can be time-consuming and complicated to use, so if you wish to view these or to check which areas are covered, please contact us in advance and allow plenty of time for your visit.

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