North Lincolnshire Council

Definitive Map

The Definitive Map is the legal record of all public rights of way. The maps for our area are available to download below along with any modification orders (DMMOs). These DMMOs serve to bring the maps up to date.

Barnetby definitive map

(Please note, for Public Bridleway 289, Barnetby le Wold, between Coskills Farm and Rowan Lodge, please look under Wrawby)

Barnetby BW145 (2005)

Barnetby BW145 (2011)

Barnetby FP260

Barnetby FP290

Barnetby FP292 (2005)

Barnetby FP292 (2011)

Barnetby FP295

Barnetby FP296 (2011)

Barnetby FP297A