Definitive Map

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The Definitive Map is the legal record of all public rights of way. The maps for our area are available to download below, along with any modification orders (DMMOs). These DMMOs bring the maps up-to-date. Anyone can apply to us for the making of a modification order if you believe that the definitive map or statement is incorrect. Further information is available on our ‘application to modify the Definitive Map‘ page.

To use the map below, click on the grey stack in the top right hand corner of the map and it brings up some options. The default map is the Definitive Map for North Lincolnshire. If you tick the box for ‘public rights of way’ these will be displayed on the map. If you click ‘modification order’ these will appear as red dots on the map and if you click on the red dot it brings up a list of any modification orders relating to that right of way.