Adults Partnership

Information about the North Lincolnshire Adults Partnership and the Vulnerable Adults Strategy.

The North Lincolnshire Adults Partnership

The North Lincolnshire Adults Partnership is a stakeholder and reference group. The membership is made up of citizen representatives and partners from all adult workforce sectors and organisations.

Adults Partnership Terms of Reference

The Adults Partnership Terms of Reference [PDF, 572Kb] includes the purpose, functions,  membership and frequency of meetings.

Vulnerable Adults Strategy

The partnership is responsible for developing, monitoring and reviewing the Vulnerable Adults Strategy and ensures that vulnerable adults, their families and carers are at the centre of all that we do.

The Vulnerable Adults Strategy 2015 to 2020 [PDF, 1Mb] sets out the high level ambitions the Adults Partnership wants to achieve in order to improve outcomes for vulnerable adults. The ambitions of the Vulnerable Adults Strategy are:

  • Vulnerable Adults live well for longer
  • Vulnerable Adults enable to be involved in community life
  • Vulnerable Adults have choice and control

North Lincolnshire Adults Partnership is committed to delivering the highest quality services to the communities they serve. It focuses on the collaborative work of agencies and services, helping to secure the added value of integrated working.

Working in partnership with adult representatives, the partnership seeks to ensure improved outcomes and reduced inequalities for:

  • vulnerable adults in North Lincolnshire
  • their families and carers

Collaborative working ensures that our vulnerable adults (and their families and carers) are safe and supported, and that their lives are transformed.

Some examples of the collaborative work undertaken are:

The Changing Places campaign

Changes Places are toilet facilities for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and physical disabilities. The partnership was made aware that more accessible facilities were needed locally. Together with local campaigners, changes have been made. This means there are now nine Changing Places available locally with plans for more in the future.

“Changing places toilet facilities mean that we as a family are able to go out, knowing that our daughter’s toileting needs will be met in a safe, humane and timely manner. And with the dignity and respect that everyone else expects and deserves. They reduce stress on us as a family, give us the freedom to spend more time out, and ultimately means that my daughter can continue to participate actively as a member of society”

Lorna Fillingham, parent and local Changing Places campaigner

Raised awareness of dementia

The Adults Partnership has made a commitment to promote access and develop services for people with dementia. This means that the partnership shows its support for communities in North Lincolnshire to become more dementia friendly, whilst raising awareness of the needs of people living with dementia. As part of this commitment, each organisation in the Partnership has promised to establish and support a network of Dementia Friends Champions. This process will incrementally raise awareness, enabling staff to promote dementia friendly work places, communities and environments.

Adults Partnership meeting summary

To find out which key items the partnership has been discussing, please see our latest meeting summary and headlines [PDF, 754Kb].