Works to start on safety improvements to town’s busiest junction

Transport and Streets
15:48, Monday, 7th October 2019

North Lincolnshire Council is set to start work at Berkeley Circle in Scunthorpe to make the junction safer for drivers, and improve the facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Work will take place from 13 to 18 October 2019. Temporary traffic lights will be in place during the works, however, to keep disruption to a minimum, these will only be used outside peak hours and most of the work will take place overnight.

On the roundabout, signage will be improved and the road will be resurfaced. New lining on the junction will help improve lane discipline and prevent collisions.

Around the junction, the narrow paths are being widened to make it safer for pedestrians and to incorporate a cycle path.

Cllr Julie Reed, the council’s cabinet member for connectivity, said:

“As one of the busiest junctions in Scunthorpe, we are absolutely committed to improving the safety for those using Berkeley Circle. We’ve already carried out some footpath widening and we’re continuing to look at where other improvements can be made.

“The road surface over the roundabout is reaching the end of its lifespan, so we’re resurfacing the busy junction and adding in new lines to help with drivers’ lane discipline; this should help to reduce some of the accidents at Berkeley Circle.

“Whilst we continue to look at improving safety where we can at Berkeley Circle, the long term solution to improving the traffic situation is the detrunking of the M181, providing access to the motorway from Burringham Road and Scotter Road. Highways England received planning permission for this scheme earlier this year, so we hope to see work progressing soon.

“As always, we’re keen to keep the traffic moving, so the work will be done during the night and outside of peak times to keep the disruption to a minimum.”