Tree planting scheme continues to grow

Planning and Environment
09:16, Tuesday, 2nd March 2021

Nearly 35,000 trees have been planted across North Lincolnshire as part of our scheme to plant one for every member of the population.

Our tree counter currently stands at 36,413 out of a total of 172,000, and it is rising steadily.

Recent plantings range from single saplings in back gardens to a tree-mendous 6,125 as part of plans to extend Hardy Road woods in Westcliff, Scunthorpe.

Land off York Road in Brigg has seen 800 new plantings and there have been 46 trees put in at Sheffield Park in Scunthorpe.

This large-scale planting was carried out by The Conservation Volunteers on behalf of North Lincolnshire Council.

The total will be increased by another 8,700 this month when planting begins this week on the land off Hempdyke Road in Scunthorpe.

It is intended to increase the existing trees on the area next to Ferry Road, Newborn Avenue, Hempdyke Road, near Marsden Avenue and Sherwood Vale down as far Doncaster Road.

Every sapling counts, and residents have also been doing their bit, with plantings going on in gardens across North Lincolnshire.

Some people asked for a tree as a Christmas present, others have planted to replace nearby trees that have been felled.

Go to the trees and hedges page of our website to see a map of where trees have been planted near you. You can also fill in our tree planting form to register your own plantings.

Schools, charities and community groups can apply for tree planting packs for the autumn from The Woodland Trust.

Launched last autumn, our ambitious scheme to plant 172,000 trees is part of the council’s wider sustainable, environmental initiatives.

It will help tackle climate change, protect biodiversity and provide a beautiful environment across the towns and countryside of North Lincolnshire for generations to come.