Study reveals effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccinations

Council News
09:27, Thursday, 4th November 2021

A recent study has shown just how effective vaccinations are at preventing hospitalisation and deaths due to Covid-19.

The study, based on cases in Northern Ireland, showed that:

• Unvaccinated individuals aged 50 and over are 5 times as likely to be admitted to hospital as fully vaccinated individuals.

• For adults under 50 an unvaccinated individual is almost 18 times as likely to need hospitalisation.

• Unvaccinated individuals aged 50 and over are almost four times as likely to die.

Tessa Lindfield, North Lincolnshire’s Director of Public Health, said: “This latest research shows how vaccination makes a real difference and is vital to keeping our communities safe.

“The vast majority of people in North Lincolnshire have taken up the vaccination offer. For those that haven’t, it is not too late to play your part in keep yourself, your family and your community safe. Vaccinations are available without appointments across North Lincolnshire.

“Infection rates in North Lincolnshire are falling but are still far too high. Covid-19 is still with us and families are still losing loved ones to this virus. Now is not the time to be complacent. We all need to continue to follow the guidance to make sure that further restrictions aren’t needed – especially over the Christmas period.”

First, second and booster jabs (for those eligible) are available for anyone over 16 at the pop-up vaccination centres across North Lincolnshire. Dates, times and venues are listed on the Coronavirus page on the North Lincolnshire Council website.

Clinicians will be on hand to answer any queries that people might have about the vaccine.

The council’s Test and Trace Team will also be at the centres providing help and advice around testing and handing out free self-test kits.