Road improvement works to be carried out in Scunthorpe this week

Transport and Streets
15:26, Monday, 26th April 2021

Essential temporary road improvement works will be carried out between Cemetery Road and Warwick Road in Scunthorpe this week.

Repairs will take place between 28 and 30 April, making the road safer for motorists.

The repairs come ahead of a major resurfacing scheme planned for East Common Lane later this Summer. This will involve resurfacing the full length of the road between Queensway and Midland Road.

Motorists are thanked for their co-operation while the essential works are taking place.

The repairs between Cemetery Road and Warwick Road are the latest improvements being made to North Lincolnshire’s road network.

As well as major road improvements to the A15 between the Barnetby Top interchange and the Humber Bridge, work is also nearing completion on the new M181 junction, which will unlock 60 acres of land for commercial development.

Spring 2021 has also seen the launch of a mass clean up and wildflower planting on the A18 – Mortal Ash Hill, a huge joint operation between the council and volunteers, which saw more than three tonnes of litter collected.