New Scunthorpe motorway access approved

15:39, Wednesday, 16th January 2019

A new £13.5m motorway roundabout has been approved by North Lincolnshire Council’s planning committee today (Wednesday 16 January 2019).

The long-awaited roundabout will create a new southern access into Scunthorpe, open up hundreds of acres of development land and relieve congestion on the region’s busiest junction.

Connecting the M181 with the B1450 Burringham Road, the scheme will provide direct motorway access for residents in Ashby, Bottesford, Burringham, Yaddlethorpe and Messingham.

Led and delivered by the Government’s Highways England and developer Maltgrade, it is the largest single highways investment in North Lincolnshire in a generation.

The project not only opens access to the Lincolnshire Lakes but will take an estimated 20 minutes off commuter journeys to cities such as Leeds and Sheffield for hundreds of motorists. It will also re-direct traffic away from the town’s busiest junction, Berkeley Circle.

Around 1,000 vehicles from Bottesford and Yaddlethorpe travel to or from the M180 each day, with most of those going through Berkeley Circle.

As well as making it easier to access existing towns and villages, the new motorway junction will pave the way for the future development to the west of Scunthorpe as part of a new housing development with six Trentside villages.

Once completed, the M181 motorway will terminate at this new junction, the remaining M181 road will be de-trunked and become an extension of the A1077, the road will continue to the retail parks and football ground and become an extension of the A1077 and a bypass for Burringham Village.

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “This approval is an important step towards improving this critical piece of infrastructure. The development of this area is a vital component in improving the North Lincolnshire economy.

“The conditions attached to the approval will make some important provision to reduce the impact on the Ashby Parkland area of the town. This is an important aspect about how the area is developed with consideration for existing communities.

“The Government is continuing to prove their commitment to our area with this £8m investment. It enables homes to be built, construction jobs created and supports us to continue delivering our promise to improve the local infrastructure before any new development takes place.

“This includes the progress on the Trent flood defences and also the road infrastructure around the area. This massive business and Government investment locally will enable our residents to be able to access better paid, high-skilled jobs across the region.”