JustGo on-demand bus app to revolutionise transport across North Lincolnshire

Transport and Streets
09:36, Friday, 7th August 2020

The popular on-demand bus service, Call Connect, is being enhanced with a revolutionary new service.

The new JustGo on-demand service will launch in September with a new state-of-the-art app. Thousands of people who use on-demand transport in the area, including those that can travel for free, will benefit from this service.

JustGo North Lincs will be able to be downloaded as an app from Google Play and the App Store onto tablets and smartphones and on-demand users can then choose from where they get picked up using local meeting points.

The intelligent software then works out the best way to collect other passengers nearby and take them to their chosen destinations – the more the app is used the better the responsive transport becomes.

Many people are comfortable using apps for a variety of services. For those that aren’t, help and support to get them started with JustGo will be available over the phone or face to face.

Users can pay digitally via debit or credit cards and the service can be booked up to 30 days in advance up until the day of departure. This easy-to-use system will provide a better service to the people who need transport and will provide an efficient use of taxpayers’ money.

North Lincolnshire Council, East Yorkshire Buses, part of the Go-Ahead Group, and tech firm Liftango have developed the new service.

The new on-demand bus service aims to keep communities connected and enable them to flourish while also supporting other priorities to keep people safe and well and grow the economy.

Cllr Rob Waltham, Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“We are continuing to invest in connecting our communities here in North Lincolnshire. The new on-demand bus service will provide a vital lifeline to our towns and villages across North Lincolnshire, especially for older residents and those that receive concessions.

“Currently there are 30,000 journeys a year on the council’s Call Connect service but we hope the new service will increase this dramatically.

“People will still be able to access the service over the phone to book, but they will also be able to use the new technology. When they call to book they will be given advice on how to download and use the new app. Staff from East Yorkshire Buses will also be visiting sites around the area, including local markets, to answer questions and help people with the app

“The new service will make getting the bus when and where you need it much easier.

“While the old system has served many people well, now is the time to use the new technology that is available to us to make travelling by bus much more convenient.”

Cllr Julie Reed, cabinet member for connectivity, said:

“Across North Lincolnshire we have a combination of urban and rural areas, often older people rely on this service to access shops and health appointments and we are keen to improve accessibility for them. There are also significant opportunities for younger people to access transport using the new service.

“We’ve seen the development of ride-sharing apps in cities and we are keen to bring this to North Lincolnshire to support the needs of residents. Why should the cities have all of the benefits of technology and improved connectivity? This is a very exciting development and the service available to residents will improve connections and I am looking forward to taking the first journey using the new app.”

Ben Gilligan, Area Director, East Yorkshire Buses, said:

“We are delighted North Lincolnshire Council has chosen us to operate the authority’s new on-demand bus network. Using the expertise within East Yorkshire and across our sister companies in the Go-Ahead Group, and alongside technology provider Liftango, we are excited to deliver a high quality transport service for the residents of North Lincolnshire.

“The JustGo North Lincs brand, and forthcoming smartphone app, show our commitment to creating a modern, technology-based solution to public transport, operating as a standalone service with dedicated vehicles and drivers to better connect communities across the county.”

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