Healthy workplaces in North Lincolnshire celebrated

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14:40, Thursday, 30th May 2019

Workplaces in North Lincolnshire have been celebrated for their achievements at the 2019 Healthy Workplace Awards celebration event.

On Wednesday 15 May, local businesses and organisations came together at the Wellbeing at Work Awards at British Steel Conference Centre, Scunthorpe.

Employers and employees received recognition and awards for their contribution towards making a real difference to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace.

At the event awards were presented to organisations that have progressed on the scheme to achieve varying award levels. There are four award levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum and an additional award was up for grabs to celebrate the workplace that has been making outstanding contributions to workplace health and wellbeing throughout 2018/19.

Over 20 organisations are currently involved in the scheme.

The event also included awards to acknowledge outstanding workplace Health Champions. There are over 250 within organisations; 117 of which have been trained in the past year. Health Champions have health conversations with fellow colleagues, peers and family to help improve their health and wellbeing, and cascade positive health messages in the workplace.

Moving forward, the event had a focus on what’s coming up over the next year and looked towards further successful working partnerships to improve the health and wellbeing of North Lincolnshire workplaces.

Organisations involved in the scheme regularly receive public health workplace health updates, campaign resources, opportunities for on-site health promotion activity or the opportunity to take part in activity challenges.

Cheryl George, Consultant in Public Health at North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“This year’s awards event was a bumper celebration in terms of the number of businesses engaged in the scheme. We celebrated all the amazing local achievements towards creating healthier workforces in North Lincolnshire.

“It is brilliant to see so many organisations on board with the scheme but we are looking for even more to get involved to promote a healthier way of life. If you would like to create a healthier workforce, join the free scheme and start benefiting from all the support.

“We are committed to improving health and wellbeing across the whole of North Lincolnshire and starting in the workplace can make a real difference. Employees enjoying healthier lives take fewer days off sick and are more productive.”

The Healthy Workplace Award Scheme is an excellent way to improve the wellbeing of employees in various areas such as healthy eating, physical activity, mental health and emotional wellbeing, stop smoking support, musculoskeletal disorders, alcohol and substance misuse and also looking at safe and healthy working environments.

Organisations and businesses in North Lincolnshire interested in being part of the scheme, can sign up by contacting Helen Whitelam by emailing helen.whitelam@northlincs.gov.uk or calling 01724 298249. Further details can be found on the Workplace Health page.

The Healthy Workplace Awards Scheme is free to participate in and is open to all local North Lincolnshire businesses and organisations – large and small employers alike.

The Healthy Workplace Awards Scheme forms part of the council’s ‘Wellbeing at Work’ initiative. It has been designed to provide a structured framework of support and to establish partnership working with local businesses to develop health and wellbeing in the workplace and enable positive workplace cultures.

2019 Healthy Workplace Awards

Six bronze awards were given to:

  • 2 Sisters Food Group
  • Holme Valley Primary School
  • AD Communications
  • Humberside Fire and Rescue Service
  • Scunthorpe and District Mind
  • Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire

One silver award was given to:

  • Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust

Two gold awards were given to:

  • North Lindsey College
  • HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd

An Outstanding Achievement Award was issued to Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust.

Four Outstanding Health Champion Awards were also issued.

Four new organisations signed up to the Healthy Workplace Awards.