Gritters ready to go out this evening as freezing temperatures expected

Transport and Streets
17:10, Monday, 18th November 2019

With freezing temperatures expected overnight, the council’s gritters will be spreading salt from 7pm and then again at 11pm tonight (Monday 18 November).

It is expected that the freezing temperatures will continue until late morning on Tuesday 19 November.

The council is ready to respond to the harshest of conditions with a stock of around 6,000 tonnes of salt and ten gritters. The salt helps reduce the risk of ice forming on the surface.

Priority is given to certain routes, which can be found on the winter service page.

The combination of freezing temperatures and surface water from the recent heavy rainfall can make the roads treacherous. Road users are urged to be prepared for all weather situations, drive to the conditions of the roads and not get caught out.

During bad weather, drivers thinking about driving in these extreme conditions should:

  • Ask yourself if your journey is really necessary – will it wait until the weather improves?
  • If you have to travel, give yourself extra time for the journey – don’t put pressure on yourself by rushing.
  • If your journey is taking longer than you thought; don’t worry. It’s better to arrive late than not at all.
  • Slow down and take extra care. It is your responsibility to drive to the prevailing road and weather conditions.
  • If you get into trouble, especially in the snow, stay with your vehicle until help arrives.
  • Make sure you and your vehicle are properly prepared: carry warm clothing and footwear; keep screen washer full and make sure windows are clean; check lights and keep them clean; ensure battery is fully charged; add anti-freeze to the radiator and check fluids; and check tyres for condition, correct pressure and tread depth.

The council is on standby and will be monitoring the conditions and weather forecast.