Gritter lorry names – it’s time to vote for your favourite

Transport and Streets
12:53, Wednesday, 13th October 2021

The public submitted a wide variety of names for the council’s fleet of gritters after an appeal for suggestions.

The rudest ones have been filtered out and whittled down to a shortlist of just 20.

The public are now being asked to vote for their favourite name. The top ten will be used to name the lorries, ready for the winter gritting programme.

Cast your vote now by filling in this form on our website.

We’ll be announcing the winners on Friday 15 October.

The suggestions are:
Salting Matilda
Rodger Spreaderer
Thaw and Order
Aunty Freeze
The Duke of Spreadingborough
Snow Patrol
Eddie Blizzard
Alfred Thawed Tennyson
Queen Grittoria
Grittorice Allsorts
Ready Salted
Blizzard Wizard
Basil Salty
Jake Grittenden
Salt Shaker
Holly Mumby Frost
Gritasaurus Rex
I Want to Break Freeze
Slush Puppy