Free trees: residents urged to plant thousands of trees across region through Woodland Trust partnership

11:32, Thursday, 15th August 2019

People across North Lincolnshire are being encouraged to plant thousands of free trees across the region as part of the Government’s Northern Forest project.

Schools, parish and town councils, In Bloom associations and other community groups will soon be able to apply for free tree packs through the Woodland Trust.

The trees – which come in packs of between 30 and 400 trees – can then be planted by the group on their land or, where appropriate, council land.

It comes after North Lincolnshire Council’s leader, Cllr Rob Waltham, met with the Woodland Trust on the scheme which will see thousands of trees planted across our area.

Cllr Rob Waltham, the leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“Planting trees is such a simple idea that will have a profound effect on cleaning the air we breathe, cutting the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, enhancing our green spaces and reducing the risk of flooding.

“North Lincolnshire is part of the Government’s ambitious Northern Forest plan, which will see more than 50 million trees planted between the Humber and the Mersey. Our local communities can kick start this plan in our area by holding community planting days – giving everyone the opportunity to plant a tree and make a difference.

“Planting trees is part of the council’s long term plans to make North Lincolnshire an even greener and cleaner place by embedding environmentally friendly policies and projects across our organisation.”

Any organisation wanting to apply for the free tree packs can find more information on the Woodland Trust’s website ahead of applications opening on 27 August 2019.

The tree packs will be delivered in March 2020.

Recognised and properly constituted community groups wanting to plant on North Lincolnshire Council’s land should contact North Lincolnshire Council’s communication team by emailing communicationsteam@northlincs.gov.uk for further information.