Fly-tippers fined for dumping in street and car park 

Bins, Waste and Recycling
17:00, Tuesday, 6th July 2021

Two residents have received on the spot £400 fines for dumping household rubbish after North Lincolnshire Council enforcement officers tracked them down.

A trail of rubbish including bin bags, shopping carriers, cardboard and carpet was found off Bruce Street in Scunthorpe.

After the waste was sifted through and cleared the owner was identified and handed a £400 fixed penalty notice.

A second pile of rubbish was left in the staff car park of a local waste management business in Scunthorpe.

This included binbags, cardboard, toys and a pushchair.

Enforcement officers took witness statements from staff at the business and managed to discover and contact the culprit.

He admitted the offence, apologised and accepted the £400 fine in lieu of being prosecuted.

The resident was also given advice about correct waste management and the location of household recycling centres.

Both fines were reduced to £300 because they were paid within 28 days.

A long line of bags of fly-tipped rubbish along the bottom of a hedge on a wet street

Fly-tipped rubbish off Bruce Street, Scunthorpe

Fixed penalty notices provide a means of dealing with fly-tipping enforcement without the need to present evidence in court, meaning it can be resolved more quickly.

However, if it would cost more to clear up the fly-tipping than the fine would recover, officers will still pursue a criminal prosecution.

The council is clamping down on fly-tippers and litter as part of our commitment to enhance the local environment and make North Lincolnshire cleaner and greener. 

We spend more than £1 million a year cleaning up after other people and are currently dealing with around 50 fly-tipping cases every week. 

This work is supported by more than 1,000 volunteer litter pickers covering the length and breadth of North Lincolnshire who are helping us wage war on litter louts.

Residents are urged to think carefully before fly-tipping their waste or giving it to people advertising online.

If someone offers to take your waste away for little cost, it is likely they aren’t licensed, and your rubbish could end up dumped in streets or nearby rural areas – and you could be slapped with a fine.

More information about how to check if someone is a registered waste carrier is available on the fly-tipping section of our website.

Fly-tipping can be reported via the dedicated form on our websitewhere you can also see a map of North Lincolnshire showing where we are currently dealing with reports. 

To find out where your nearest household recycling centre is, go to the Household Recycling Centre page on our website.