Fly-tipper fined as part of council crack down

Bins, Waste and Recycling
11:36, Friday, 27th August 2021

A resident has received a £400 fine for dumping household rubbish after they were tracked down by North Lincolnshire Council enforcement officers.

A pile of rubbish including clothing, binbags and a portable radiator, was discovered at the rear of Digby Street in Scunthorpe.

An investigation revealed the offender’s identity, who was issued with a £400 fixed penalty notice. The fine was later reduced to £300 because it was paid within 28 days

North Lincolnshire Council has a clear, zero-tolerance policy towards fly-tipping and individuals who choose to blight communities with illegally dumped rubbish.

This latest penalty notice comes as the council steps up its fight against litter louts with a series of measures.

Earlier this week, it was announced that hidden cameras are being installed in fly-tipping hotspots to act as a deterrent.

Last month, council leaders launched a new online portal enabling residents to share any videos or images they have of people fly-tipping or dropping litter so the council’s environmental protection teams can pursue the offenders.

Enforcement teams have also handed out more than 1,000 fines to people caught dropping litter or not picking up after their dogs.

Fixed penalty notices provide a means of dealing with fly-tipping enforcement without the need to present evidence in court, meaning it can be resolved more quickly.

However, if it would cost more to clear up the fly-tipping than the fine would recover, officers will still pursue a criminal prosecution.

To avoid fines and prosecutions, residents are urged to dispose of their waste correctly at their local household recycling centre, contributing to a cleaner, greener and more pleasant environment.

Fly-tipping can be reported via the dedicated form on our website, where you can also see a map of North Lincolnshire showing where we are currently dealing with reports.

To find out where your nearest household recycling centre is, go to the Household Recycling Centre page on our website.