EV charging network set for huge upgrade with £1.2m Government cash

Transport and Streets
14:04, Thursday, 15th June 2023

An ambitious rollout of electric vehicle (EV) chargers will be fast-tracked with a £1.2m Government cash injection set to see up to 800 new points installed across North Lincolnshire.

The cash will be used to help install between 85 and 115 new chargers every year up to 2030.

It is part of an ambitious new strategy to oversee the rollout and ensure public vehicle charging is fairly priced, reliable and inclusive, ensuring everyone can access a public charging point wherever they live.

Rob Waltham, leader, North Lincolnshire Council, said: “This Government cash couldn’t come at a better time, as we continue to forge ahead with our Green Futures strategy and the commitment to be net zero by 2030.

“Switching to electric vehicles has a huge impact on cutting transport emissions and we have seen that electric vehicle purchases in North Lincolnshire are higher than national averages – we need to get the charging infrastructure up to speed and this cash from Government will help us achieve that.

“Residents and businesses expect to able to charge their vehicles quickly and conveniently – we will now deliver that expectation.”

The charge points will be well-maintained and adaptable to different technologies, with residents soon to be asked where they would like to see the new points installed – as the council did with a pilot that will see 35 installed across the area.

Cllr David Rose, cabinet member for environment and strategy, said: “This new programme will ensure we pick up the pace – charging points are vital if we are going to encourage people to make the switch to electric vehicles. They will also encourage more people into the area.”

The number of plug-in vehicles in North Lincolnshire is increasing by 20 per cent each quarter, higher than the national average of 14 per cent.

Once approved, the funding – which will be matched by cash from the private sector – will initially see chargers located in areas where vehicles are regularly parked – public car parks, leisure centres and community hubs and close to parks and green spaces.

Care will be taken to ensure they do not encroach on necessary parking spaces.

Areas with no off-street parking will receive chargers following site surveys and resident consultation, and the council will work with landlords and businesses to further increase provision.

To keep up to date on the project’s latest developments go to the electric vehicles page of our website.