Education, enforcement and restricting access at heart of plan to reduce dangers at local pond

People, Health and Care
16:11, Thursday, 11th August 2022

A three-pronged approach to reduce risks at a notorious local pond and other open water has today been green-stamped by the council.

Joint work between the council, schools and colleges and the Youth Council will deliver a hard-hitting, certificated education programme stressing the dangers of open water to local young people.

Joint enforcement work with the police, the council and the fire service will also be stepped up after recent patrols found young people in the water at Ashby Ville pond – despite campaigns highlighting the danger and numerous signs pointing out the risks at the notorious pond.

This is the same body of water that claimed the life of a 14-year-old boy just over a year ago.

There will also be a programme to restrict easy access to parts of the pond with new planting alongside the banning of inflatables at the site for the general public.

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “Some young people are still risking their lives swimming in open water such as Ashby Ville pond.

“We are determined to work with schools, colleges and the Youth Council to produce a campaign to really drive home the dangers these waters pose. We will be asking young people themselves to be at the heart of this.

“The successful joint patrols warning of the dangers with the police and fire will also be stepped up. If this is ignored people will be hit with a £150 fine.

“We will also be looking at ways to make the site less accessible to young people and ban inflatables on Ashby Ville.

“Parents must also help – don’t let children in the water and please stress the very real risks of getting into open water.”