Council’s Care Call service continues to protect residents in need

Council News
11:26, Monday, 11th May 2020

North Lincolnshire Council’s Care Call service remains operational, protecting our most vulnerable residents and giving their families peace of mind.

The Care Call service has over 3,000 residents registered and continues to provide emergency help, as well as contact and reassurance.

It continues to take referrals from the council’s Home First service, to ensure that those leaving hospital have assistance when needed.  These referrals continue to be dealt with within two days.

Home First Community provide time limited support to people (adults aged 18 years and over) so they can continue to live independently.

By simply pressing a button, people can remain independent but have the reassurance that help is at hand should they need it.

The Care Call service also provides remote monitoring of sensors and fire alarms within people’s homes as well as support via resident’s mobile phones.  The staff also make calls to people reminding them to take medication for example, or to lock the door.

The calls link remotely to the council’s 24 hour monitoring centre which continues to monitor 175 CCTV cameras as well as burglar and fire alarms at businesses and schools across North Lincolnshire and lone working monitoring for council and partnership staff.

The council has redeployed and trained additional staff to ensure that these remain protected.

Find out more about the Care Call service at our website.