Council mobilises task force to support skilled British Steel staff into new jobs

11:01, Wednesday, 22nd February 2023

A high-level task force has been set up to help support workers at British Steel in Scunthorpe after the company announced plans to close its coke ovens and make 260 workers redundant.

North Lincolnshire Council will work with the local MPs, Holly Mumby-Croft and Andrew Percy, the Government and other agencies to help the people who may be affected by today’s news.

North Lincolnshire Council leader, Cllr Rob Waltham said: “We are pulling together a task force at pace to work with Government departments and local steel representatives including unions to see how we can support everybody involved.

“The Government has been working hard behind the scenes to protect the future of the steel industry in Scunthorpe and help them reduce their energy costs and move to a greener business model. I am sure this work will continue and in the meantime the council and partners will do all they can to support any of the workforce who may be affected.”