Connor the Covid-19 snake totally rocks

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08:56, Monday, 13th July 2020

Central Park in Scunthorpe has welcomed a new addition to the park, which has now become a permanent feature for all visitors to find and enjoy.

‘Connor the Covid-19 snake’ is made of hundreds of decorated rocks that were placed in a line along the path near the fountain. He has been growing rapidly over the last few months. Whilst he was originally created and named by one local family, hundreds of other people have helped Connor grow to his current size

North Lincolnshire Council has fixed the stones in place to create a lasting tribute to the community spirit demonstrated during the pandemic with people finding ways to connect with each other and spread some positivity and happiness.

Lisa Cleary, along with her two children Jude and Tilly, were the ones who first started the snake.

Lisa said:

“The children have always enjoyed rock painting and were inspired by a social media post from elsewhere to create ‘Connor the Covid-19 snake’. We made posters and laid eleven rocks down, not really expecting it to grow too much. After engaging the Scunthorpe community online however, it is now over 400 rocks long and we are amazed by the huge, positive response.

“Jude (nine) and Tilly (six) have taken great care in looking after “Connor”; replacing posters, tidying rocks when visiting, adding replacements heads and such, and have enjoyed counting how many rocks have been laid on our daily exercise visits, as I’m sure many other families have.

“I would like to say a big thank you and well done to everyone who contributed. Among the colourful art pieces, many rocks show appreciation for the NHS as well as positive messages and little jokes.

“As well as watching the snake grow, the children have enjoyed messages from key workers and families saying it has brightened up their daily walks, and have loved pictures of others sharing their contributions on social media. All of which has given my children a sense of achievement, as well as pride in their town.”

Before Connor the Covid-19 snake was set, the family made one final pledge for people to make their contributions with the last stone being placed at the beginning of July and from start to finish residents have seen Connor grow to an enormous size.

When visiting Central Park you will find Connor either side of one of the paths that leads to the fountain.

Cllr Rob Waltham, Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“Connor the Covid-19 snake has really caught the imagination of local people. I would like to thank Lisa, Jude and Tilly for their work creating and looking after the snake.

“In the years to come when we look back and remember this time, Connor will be a symbol of when the residents of North Lincolnshire came together and showed not only resilience but also a massive amount of community spirit.”