Children of key workers continue to receive support in childcare settings

Schools, Libraries and Learning
14:14, Tuesday, 14th April 2020

Over half of childcare settings in North Lincolnshire are open to enable key workers to carry on working knowing their children are safe and supported.

Hundreds of children are continuing to attend childcare provision across North Lincolnshire since the government announced childcare providers would close to all but children of critical workers and vulnerable children.

Childcare providers are working hard to ensure that their provision is safe at this time, taking steps as outlined by Public Health England. All settings are cleaned and disinfected more than usual, including toys and surfaces that are touched. Children are supervised to ensure that their hands are washed frequently for 20 seconds with soap and water.

For some children the routine of visiting their childminder or nursery will also support their mental wellbeing.

Families of vulnerable children and critical workers that are not currently using Ofsted registered childcare can be assured that there are childcare places available. To find out which providers are open, call the Family Information Service on 01724 297000.

Critical workers and vulnerable children eligible for a funded two, three or four year old place can continue to access their funded place as normal, including children that were due to start after the Easter holidays.

Families can also continue to benefit from Tax Free Childcare (contributing 20 per cent towards childcare costs) or Universal Credit (pays up to 85 per cent of childcare costs) at this time.