Beware when buying second hand car tyres

Community Advice and Support
15:23, Friday, 22nd February 2019

Following a recent survey, Trading Standards officers from across the Yorkshire and Humber region are issuing a warning to consumers who may be thinking of buying second hand car tyres.

The survey which took place as part of National Tyre Safety month targeted sellers of second hand tyres across the region. Tyres that were being offered for sale to the general public were examined for defects and compliance against stringent safety standards.

As part of their campaign, Trading Standards want to remind consumers of their rights and also what to look out for when buying second hand tyres.

Of the 29 tyres examined, 97 per cent of them had some form of defect or non-compliance and 45 per cent were deemed not fit for use. Some of the issues that were detected:

  • Tyre not marked as part worn
  • Repair not carried out in accordance with Non BS AU 159
  • Unrepaired penetration damage
  • Run flat / deflation damage
  • Bead damage
  • Significant age related deterioration
  • Bulge
  • Deep cuts, cord / ply exposed

In North Lincolnshire, test purchases were also carried out on four tyres. No major faults were found, however none of them were marked up with the required ‘part worn’ information.

When buying second hand goods through a retailer you have the same rights as when purchasing the goods as new.

This means that the item must be of satisfactory quality, it must be fit for purpose and it must meet the expectations of the consumer, bearing in mind of course that the item is second hand and so reasonable wear and tear might be expected. In the case of second hand tyres there are strict laws in place which mean that at the very least they must be safe to use.

More guidance on tyre safety can be found on the Tyre Safe website.