Baysgarth Park voted best in the area by breakfast show listeners

09:37, Tuesday, 9th February 2021

Listeners to Viking FM have voted Baysgarth Park the best in the area.

A Facebook competition run by the breakfast show’s Alex and Ellie in the Morning asked for listeners to nominate the best park in Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.

While Normanby Hall Country Park, Central Park and Elsham Hall all received shout-outs, it was Baysgarth Park, along with Hull’s East Park, that received most nominations.

The two finalists were put to a vote, with Baysgarth being announced as the winner live on air.

“Baysgarth Park is amazing! A library, a leisure centre and museum all in the grounds. Loads of room to play as well as a play area plus it’s the home of the Barton Carnival,” said listener Margaret Money on Facebook.

Joanne West also commented: “Baysgarth Park is beautiful and has a special place in my heart as it’s the only place I’ve been walking with my gorgeous nephew pre-lockdown and I’m looking forward to future walks when it’s safe and I can visit from South Wales.”

North Lincolnshire Mayor and Barton ward councillor Jonathan Evison said: “I’m thrilled with this result but not surprised – Baysgarth Park is a wonderful place that sits at the heart of the community in Barton.”

His views were backed by the other Barton ward councillors.

“Baysgarth Park has been a lifeline for people coping with lockdown, as there is no better place to exercise and enjoy nature while staying close to home,” said Cllr Keith Vickers.

“Well done to the listeners of Viking FM!” added Cllr Paul Vickers. “They clearly know the value of our versatile park and all the benefits it offers.”