Action to be taken against reckless drivers ignoring safety measures at busy Scunthorpe junction  

Transport and Streets
17:20, Tuesday, 1st February 2022

Action is set to be taken on a busy Scunthorpe junction after some reckless motorists have been ignoring safety measures designed to protect people.

North Lincolnshire Council and Humberside Police are stepping up enforcement at the Brumby Wood Lane junctions which join the Kingsway (A18) in Scunthorpe

Cameras will be installed in coming weeks too to monitor the junctions.

The new measures were installed following several collisions including a fatal accident, where a motorist, Ian White, collided with a motorist pulling out of the Brumby Wood Lane junction.

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader of North Lincolnshire Council, is calling on drivers to abide by the new measures and not put others at risk, he said: “It is massively disappointing to hear so many drivers are blatantly ignoring the new measures.

“We worked closely with the family to find a solution to make the junction safer. We take road safety concerns very seriously and will do all we can to make changes to improve safety for drivers and pedestrians across our roads.

“There is clear signage leading up to the junctions about the no right turn and the junctions are clearly marked. Drivers should follow the rules and not put others at risk.”

Ian’s cousin Damon White said when the new layout was announced : “We know that because of this work the junction is significantly safer than it was, no one can put an argument to challenge any other.

“It will reduce the risk but what it won’t do is stop the percentage of idiots who think the highway code and road safety does not apply to them, moreover people who believe that positive changes are pointless and negative.

“Now all we need is people to respect the new measures to help protect themselves and others.”