Holiday activities and food programme – Provider information

Information for providers who are interested in offering activities and healthy food programmes in North Lincolnshire as part of the ‘Fuelled’ programme.

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During the year 2023 school holidays we were able to offer over 22,000 places on our Fuelled programme across North Lincolnshire. This was thanks to the huge effort of  a range of providers.

We welcome applications from new providers every holiday. So if you would like to take part, please get in touch.

What is the Fuelled Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programme?

HAF is a Department for Education programme which has been rolled out nationally. They have provided a grant for North Lincolnshire Council to deliver the Fuelled HAF programme to young people eligible for benefits related free school meals. During the Easter, Summer and Winter school holidays over 40 providers have joined us to offer a range of free activities for eligible young children across North Lincolnshire.

All Fuelled activities will provide young people with the opportunity to get involved in physical activity and everyone will be provided with a free healthy meal at each activity.

What are the aims of the HAF Programme?

The aims of HAF are:

  • To coordinate free holiday provision – including healthy food and enriching activities – for children in receipt of benefits-related free school meals.
  • For children to:
    • Eat more healthily over the school holidays
    • Be more active during the school holidays
    • Take part in engaging and enriching activities
    • Be safe and not to be socially isolated
    • Have greater knowledge of health and nutrition
    • Be more engaged with school and other local services

Applications for the summer and winter 2024 HAF Programme are now open – submissions close Wednesday 22 May 2024

Our requirements for 2024 delivery as follows:

  • A standard session needs to be a minimum of four hours long (this can be adapted when delivering sessions for teenagers or for young people with SEND)
  • Providers can apply for up to 4 days of activities for the Easter, up to 16 days of activities for the summer and up to 4 days for the Winter
  • Those delivering activities in multiple areas can apply to offer up to those limits in each area
  • A filling and nutritional lunch must be provided at every session
  • Snacks (fruit and veg) and water must be available throughout – Please ensure you account for this in your funding request
  • Easter activities can run anytime Mon-Fri from Monday 1 April to Friday 12 April
  • Summer activities can run anytime Mon-Fri from Monday 29 July to Friday 23 August
  • Winter activities can run anytime from Saturday 21 December to Friday 3 January.

Please ensure you read all the requirements and guidance found at the beginning of the application form as this provides information regarding our funding for 2024.

If you require a copy of the application to look through before you apply, you can email us to request a copy of the template.

If you feel that you can’t meet all the requirements, but still want to be involved, please get in touch! We will do our best to work with you to ensure you can meet our requirements. Contact the Fuelled team via: Fuelled@northlincs.gov.uk

If you would like to contact us beforehand about what you would like to offer or to ask any questions, please email Fuelled@northlincs.gov.uk and we will be happy to speak with you.


We require a number of documents in order to complete our governance checks. Some examples are safeguarding policies and insurance policies. The full list can be seen in the application form.

Regarding training, we require all who work on the Fuelled project to have Child Safeguarding Training. If you do not have this, let us know in the application form and we can provide access to a free online module for you and your staff. We also require food hygiene which we can also provide access to a free online course. There must also be a first aid trained member of staff present at all times.

All applications will be compared based on a four-hour day. If your provision costs exceed what we expect and you are offering more than four hours, we will look to reduce this to bring your costs in line. If the amount you apply for meets our expectations and the sessions are more than four hours, then that is not a problem.

Every application varies in type of activity, number of places and number of locations so we do not set a provider limit. We have a limited budget, so your requested amount will be compared with other providers of a similar nature to determine value for money.

We request that all providers use our booking system when taking bookings from eligible children onto their Fuelled activities.

It is a simple and easy to use system that makes things easier for parents. Only eligible families will be able to access the system, so if you plan to offer paid places alongside then you must take those bookings yourself.

Yes! We are happy to support you with your application to give you support, ideas and solutions to any problems you may be facing.

Useful information


School food standards cover any food on the premises including the food brought in by children themselves.

Physical Activity

Children are expected to do 60 minutes per day exercise that should make them breathe faster and feel warmer. This exercise can be spread out throughout the day.

The following sources of information may be useful to Organisations in developing their nutritional education programme for families:

Providers must include at least weekly training and advice sessions for parents, carers or other family members. These should provide advice on how to source, prepare and cook nutritious and low-cost food. Below are a few websites that may be of use to you when planning this element of your project:

Holiday clubs and activities must be able to provide information, signposting or referrals to other services and support that would benefit the children who attend their provision and their families. This could include sessions provided by:

  • Citizen’s Advice
  • school nurses, dentists or other healthcare practitioners
  • family support services or children’s services
  • housing support officers
  • Jobcentre Plus
  • organisations providing financial education

We have also produced a quick reference signposting sheet which can be handed to parents/carers should they benefit from accessing immediate support and/or not have sufficient wifi access to be able to research support online. Please contact Fuelled@northlincs.gov.uk if you have not received your copy.

If you are not interested in providing a holiday programme but your building or venue is available to use, would you be interested in partnering with providers who would like access to a building?

If you are interested please email us – fuelled@northlincs.gov.uk

Volunteers greatly enhance the Fuelled Holiday Activity programme offer. We are currently in partnership with the North Lincs Alliance Volunteer Hub in recruiting volunteers to help us:

  •  deliver fun and enriching activities to children across North Lincolnshire (DBS checks needed for this role)
  • promote uptake and engagement with the activities across the county (this may be through presentations at school assemblies, or by making telephone calls to remind parents of activities and how to sign up)

We will offer flexible volunteering opportunities. To sign up as a volunteer please email alliancevolunteerhub@hwrcc.org.uk or complete the online form.