Wheels 2 Work North Lincolnshire

Find out about Wheels 2 Work in North Lincolnshire. Moped and electric bicycle hire for people who struggle to get to their job, education or training.

Four people on bikes and scooters outside Ancholme Leisure Centre, Brigg

Wheels 2 Work scheme

Wheels 2 Work North Lincolnshire is a moped and electric bicycle hire scheme. It helps people get over the problem of getting to work, college or training because of genuine transport difficulties. We have both electric and petrol mopeds within the fleet.

Please note:

The scheme is open only to people who live in North Lincolnshire. If you don’t live in North Lincolnshire, search the internet to find a Wheels 2 Work scheme in your area.

Wheels 2 Work Care Workers Scheme

If you work for a care organisation on the council’s approved care agency list, you are entitled to apply for an electric moped to undertake your duties out in the community. Please check with your employer if they are part of the scheme.

A fully equipped electric scooter makes it even easier to deliver care. The £99 start-up cost and Compulsory Basic Training is funded through Proud to Care, North Lincolnshire’s biggest ever recruitment drive for care workers.

If you are a care worker applying for an electric moped, please read the eligibility criteria for eligibility criteria for Wheels to Work for Care Workers       [PDF, 68Kb] and then complete the form below to get your Wheels 2 Work.

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What you need to know

Our fleet consists of:

  • 125cc mopeds- electric and petrol
  • 50cc mopeds – electric

What’s included in the moped hire package?

Mopeds can be hired for up to 18 months to give you the time to either save up and buy your own vehicle or find alternative travel arrangements.

Moped hire comes with the following package:

  • A new or used, fully taxed and serviced 50cc or 125cc moped
  • Vehicle road tax
  • Comprehensive insurance (£100 excess applies)
  • Breakdown cover
  • Full servicing and maintenance
  • A security lock
  • Safety equipment (helmet, gloves and hi-vis vest)

How much will a moped cost me?

Electric and petrol mopeds are available (stock permitting) in two sizes; 125cc and electric only in 50cc:


  • Deposit £99 (non refundable)
  • Monthly hire charge £99
  • Insurance excess £100 (per incident)


  • Deposit £80 (non refundable)
  • Monthly hire charge £80
  • Insurance excess £100 (per incident)
  • For those in training or apprenticeships the deposit is a £60 non refundable deposit and a £60 monthly charge.

What is a CBT course?

Compulsory Basic Training or ‘CBT’ is a one day course which gives motorcycle training to a nationally recognised standard.

All applicants must complete and pass a CBT course before a moped can be issued.

Please read our W2W eligibility criteria [PDF, 112Kb] and terms and conditions [PDF, 233Kb] before you apply. If you are eligible, you will be asked to completed the terms and conditions document as part of the application process.

If you are a carer applying for an electric moped, please read the eligibility criteria for Eligibility criteria for Wheels to Work for Carers [PDF, 112Kb]

Eligibility for the moped scheme

If you meet the following conditions we may be able to hire you a moped:

  • I am at least 16 years old
  • I have a parent or guardian who will agree to act as guarantor if I’m under 18
  • I live in North Lincolnshire
  • I have either a full driving licence, motorcycle licence or provisional licence that displays my current address
  • I am willing to complete and pass Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course, even if I have a full driving licence, motorcycle licence or provisional licence (if I haven’t already done so)
  • I have either a firm offer of work, training or college placement, for at least 16 hours per week for a period of not less than two months, and I have no means of transport to get there


  • I am already in work, training or college for at least 16 hours per week. For a period of not less than two months, but I am at serious risk of losing my job or placement because of transport difficulties
  • I have no personal transport at present and there is no suitable public transport available for my journey. We recommend you check the availability of public transport on the Traveline website
  • I have checked there is no one suitable to share a lift with for my journey.
  • The distance of my journey is at least three miles from where I live and no more than 40 miles round trip (50cc moped). 125cc mopeds are for longer journeys
  • I can fund the initial payment to cover the deposit, monthly instalments and insurance excess if the moped is damaged or stolen. Refer to above charges
  • I have space to secure a moped at my home address and destination away from the public highway.

North Lincolnshire Council have introduced a small fleet of E-Bicycles to trial in North Lincolnshire. These can be hired for a minimum of 2 months and be extended up to 12 months maximum.

If you meet the criteria below and you are successful, you will receive a package which includes an e-bicycle, a charger, a helmet, a lock, lights, hi vis waistcoat and rider training.

Please read our eligibility criteria [PDF, 69Kb] and the terms and conditions e-bicycles [PDF, 118Kb] before you apply.

View the current cycling routes in North Lincolnshire. Zoom in on the map to see more details.


  • you are 16 years or over (if under 18, a parent or guardian must act as guarantor)
  • live within North Lincolnshire
  • have documentation to prove your age and address
  • a firm offer of work, training or college course, for 16 hours a week or more. For a period of not less than 2 months. Or
  • already in work, training or attending college for 16 hours or more
  • at risk of losing a job or placement due to transport difficulties
  • no suitable public transport available
  • no personal transport or car share option available
  • the length and difficulty of your journey could affect the decision
  • no motorways on route
  • you can afford to pay the deposit and monthly payments – deposit £35.00 (non refundable) then £35.00 per month by direct debit
  • have a bank account that can be used to set up a direct debit
  • you can afford the insurance excess if the E-Bicycle is damaged or stolen
  • you can secure an E-Bicycle at home away from the public highway; this will be checked before decision taken.

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 5pm

Friday: 8.30am to 4.30pm

Closed Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays