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Frontline applications open

Are you interested in qualifying as a child and family social worker?

North Lincolnshire Council is a valued partner of the Frontline programme, which is now open for applications.

The Frontline programme offers two years of intensive, paid training and you will qualify in one year (compared to two years on a traditional Master’s course). While you study for your fully funded Master’s degree, you will put your knowledge and skills into practice, working directly with children and families. You’ll also earn as you learn, with a tax-free bursary in year 1 and a newly qualified social worker’s salary in year 2.

You can find out more about the Frontline programme in our digital brochure.

Apply with a 2.2 in any non-social work degree

This year, Frontline are running a pilot scheme in conjunction with our local authority partners. If you have two years’ employment in a local authority in a role within child and family social work, you qualify to apply with a 2.2 in any bachelor’s degree (except social work). Find out more about our other eligibility requirements.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to receive your application.

We’re part of North Lincolnshire’s One Family Approach – you can be too

Our innovative One Family Approach model ensures the best possible outcomes for families and children. We believe children and young people should be in their families, in their schools and in their communities.

Ofsted agrees with us, saying in a recent report: “Its focus on keeping children and young people at the heart of everything is the most striking element of this outstanding local authority.”

Everyone at North Lincolnshire Council shares a commitment to enabling resilience and helping families stay together. “North Lincolnshire has been outstandingly effective in creating an environment where good social work is flourishing…. social workers are overwhelmingly positive about working for the authority and the support and training they receive” (Ofsted 2017).

Our approach, our investment in our workforce, our culture of continuous learning and improvement, as well as our friendly and inclusive working environment is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Choose North Lincolnshire

North Lincolnshire Council offers agile, flexible working and in-house training with a focus on the wellbeing of our workforce. We ensure that our staff work with our children & families in the context of manageable caseloads.

As one of our valued social workers you can earn up to £39,881 and be part of our outstanding success story.

As well as opportunities to become a social worker within North Lincolnshire we have a range of social care vacancies available.

The high standard of living, combined with low house prices and rents, add up to a great quality of life for you and your family.

Our schools are a good standard, our historic market towns and villages are friendly, and we are surrounded by breathtaking countryside where walkers and cyclists are welcomed.

Great road, rail, air and sea links put us at the heart of the country, with major cities, exciting coastlines and continental excursions all within easy reach.

“I applied to North Lincolnshire Children’s services as I had heard that they were a really supportive employer. They have not disappointed. There is always a feeling of being held, supported and you feel like you are part of a family. I couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome when I first joined and felt like nothing was too much trouble”.

“The focus in North Lincolnshire is on the children we work with and is not process driven. You are given the opportunity to show your individuality and be creative in the work you do. It’s not scripted and as the person with a relationship with the child, you are able to complete the work needed in a way that the child will understand. There is always room for progression and further development, with an ability to specialise in an area that you are interested in”.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. This quote is what happens within North Lincolnshire Council because they support, train to a high standard and make you feel part of a team which has been essential when working through my placement and now as a NQSW”

“I wanted to work for North Lincolnshire Council as both my placement experiences were excellent. I am also aware that Children’s Services is rated outstanding, with particular emphasis on management oversight. I have always felt well supported by managers and feel that they are accessible and approachable. This makes a difficult job more achievable when you know you have a strong, knowledgeable and supportive network surrounding you”

“I feel a sense of loyalty towards North Lincs not only because of their support to achieve a career in an amazing role, but also because of the people. I feel valued and know that I am appreciated. Everybody I work with is amazing and we help and support each other in what can be a difficult and emotional job”.

“Working for North Lincolnshire has been amazing. The support for Professional Development is high and includes a wealth of learning, access for research into practice, amazing interactive varied training opportunities and a platitude of support. The regular reflection space for casework alongside personal supervision, makes North Lincolnshire the best place to practice social work”

“I’m also beyond impressed with the level of training that is on offer within North Lincolnshire. During university I never thought I’d be excited about training- but the training on offer is so engaging and so useful that I really enjoy it. There’s also other little things about North Lincolnshire which is really helpful to students and social workers- like the library full of up to date books, the direct work bags we all get and the use of RIP to access research online”

“I have found the ASYE really structured and organised. The ASYE folders have been helpful and supportive, these have been easy to access which has helped me to get started with the ASYE portfolio. When starting my ASYE I have had regular meetings and protected time to start and complete my work which has been beneficial as the protected time allows me to ask questions when needed’.

‘The AYSE induction was really good as the Workforce Practice Supervisor and my Practice Supervisor clearly set all my meetings in reviews and made it clear where I could find all support documents. The AYSE forums also provide protected time to complete my AYSE”

‘I have found the introduction process really helpfully and supportive, the team have been approachable and willing to help when I have been stuck on anything to do with my cases, they have also helped me to create my own solutions as well as been willing to take me on shadowing opportunities. I have found supervision useful and managers easy to approach”

Set out in our Children’s Commissioning Strategy 2020 24 [PDF, 1Mb]

We have the right senior leaders and resilient staff

Our most recent (2019) Ofsted focused visit


If you would like to find out more information about working in North Lincolnshire please contact: childrensworkforce@northlincs.gov.uk

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