Trading Standards – safety and underage sales

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We enforce a wide range of legislation to ensure the safety of consumer products. We do this by:

  • offering advice
  • carrying out visits to manufacturers, importers and distributors
  • taking samples
  • making test purchases

We deal with:

New consumer goods

We enforce specific rules that cover product safety in relation to ‘CE’ marking and general product safety requirements.

Second-hand products

We inspect sellers of second-hand goods such as upholstered furniture, gas and electrical appliances, toys and nursery goods to check that they are safe, even though they have previously been used. We ensure that sellers of these goods are registered with the Trading Standards and we have produced a guide for retailers of second-hand goods to assist sellers in complying with safety requirements.

Age restricted products

We ensure that products such as alcohol, tobacco and fireworks are only sold to persons over the age of 18 years. We have produced a guidance pack for sellers of age restricted products to assist compliance with these rules.
Information about retailers who sell to under age persons can be reported to us in confidence.

Petroleum safety and licensing

We check that petroleum spirit is stored safely and that storage sites operate in accordance with the terms of their licence.

Explosives safety and licensing

We carry out checks on all sellers of fireworks and other explosives to ensure that they are licensed or registered and that the products are being stored correctly.


We regulate the amount of packaging on products and offer advice to manufacturers regarding packaging requirements.

For consumer advice:

Citizens Advice Helpline

0808 223 1133

For business advice:

Online Business Advice

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