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Information about Trading Standards in North Lincolnshire.

About us

The role of the Trading Standards team at North Lincolnshire Council is to safeguard the interests of consumers and the business community within our area.

We are always working to achieve a fair and safe trading environment. We do this by providing our service within the framework of our Trading Standards Service Standards [PDF, 59Kb].

What we do

Our service deals with the following areas of trading standards law:

We advise on and enforce a range of legislation that cover a number of trading practices including:

Product Safety

New consumer goods – we enforce specific rules that cover product safety in relation to ‘UKCA’ and ‘CE’ marking and general product safety requirements.

Second-hand products – we inspect sellers of second-hand goods such as upholstered furniture, gas and electrical appliances, toys and nursery goods to check that they are safe, even though they have previously been used. We ensure that sellers of these goods are registered with the Trading Standards and we have produced a guide for retailers of second-hand goods to assist sellers in complying with safety requirements.

Age restricted products

We ensure that products such as alcohol, tobacco and fireworks are only sold to persons over the age of 18 years. We have produced a guidance pack for sellers of age restricted products to assist compliance with these rules.

Information about retailers who sell to under age persons can be reported to us in confidence.

Petroleum and explosives safety and licensing

We check that petroleum spirit, fireworks and other explosives are licenced and stored safely.

The Motor Trade

We check vehicle descriptions and roadworthiness.

Rogue Traders

We address issues with rogue traders including cancellation rights and obligations relating to goods or services purchased in the home as well as addressing aggressive practices and misleading claims made traders.


Protecting consumers and businesses from illegal copying and breaches of trade marks.

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We advise, carry out inspections and undertake sampling at premises where primary production of food is carried out and throughout the whole animal feed chain (from production to the feeding of food producing animals).

Our aim is to ensure that all farms, feed manufacturers, feed wholesalers, feed retailers and feed importers in North Lincolnshire comply with every aspect of the food hygiene (primary production) and feed legislation.

This includes issues relating to:

  • composition
  • quality
  • labelling
  • advertising
  • presentation.

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We enforce animal health and welfare controls for farmed livestock in the following areas:

  • Disease control
  • Livestock movements
  • Welfare
  • Feeding of livestock
  • Animal by-products.

For more information about registration/licensing of animal related activities, please visit Animal Welfare Licensing.

Management of horses

In addition to the welfare of farmed animals, we have developed a Protocol for the management of horses [PDF, 2Mb]. The protocol explains the various roles and responsibilities of the agencies involved and the processes that should be followed when managing horse related issues.

Keepers of birds or poultry

We maintain a database of poultry keepers throughout North Lincolnshire. This is to ensure that all keepers can be contacted in the event of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) or other poultry disease outbreaks. To assist with contingency planning in North Lincolnshire, if you keep poultry (no matter how many) and have not previously registered with the council please complete this survey.

Stray, lost and found dogs

We want to make sure that, as often as possible, stray or lost dogs are reunited with their owner. We take any found dogs to Sangreat Kennels, so please call them on 01652 652453 if you are looking for your lost dog.

Responsible dog ownership

All dogs in England must be microchipped at eight weeks old and It is essential that you keep your microchip details up to date. You must also ensure that your dog wears a collar and tag (showing the owners name and address) when in a public place.

Further information is available on the Dog Control webpage.

We deal with issues regarding weights and measures, including:

  • inspecting and testing weighing and measuring equipment used in business, such as shop scales, petrol pumps and weighbridges
  • inspecting and testing output from local manufacturers and packers
  • advising businesses on all aspects of weights and measures laws
  • working in partnership with the Humber Authorities Calibration Test Centre to provide and maintain local standards of weights and measures.

We are a founding member of the Yorkshire and Humber Authorities Verification Service – an EC (European Commission) approved body – and so can offer a verification service for virtually all types of weighing and measuring instruments.

Public weighbridges

To check that your vehicle is not overloaded you should go straight to your nearest weighbridge before continuing your journey. Download a list of public weighbridges [PDF, 104Kb] in North Lincolnshire (please note that there may be a fee for the use of these weighbridges and we recommend that you contact them before travelling to ensure that they are open).

We will support and encourage businesses by providing business advice and information to help you get things right first time, so you are less likely to market goods and services that do not comply with trading standards laws.

We undertake a targeted inspection programme to create a ‘level playing field’ for you by ensuring compliance by businesses across North Lincolnshire.

We will take appropriate action against traders who fail to comply with Trading Standards legislation in accordance with our Operations Enforcement policy-2019-20 [PDF, 320Kb].

For further information on what support is available, please go to the business advice and information page.

Consumer advice is provided by our partners at Citizens Advice


The council recognises its responsibility as a “relevant person” under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998. As such any person making a complaint to the council, involving their employer, will have their identity protected as part of any subsequent investigation, unless expressed permission is granted to disclose their identity. Additionally, if you would like further information regarding whistleblowing: list of prescribed people and bodies to enable members of the public to report malpractice to, other than your employer; please visit the Government website for further information:


For consumer advice:

Citizens Advice helpline: 0808 223 1133 

For business advice:

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