About Trading Standards

Our role is to safeguard the interests of consumers and the business community within North Lincolnshire.

We are always working to achieve a fair and safe trading environment and we do this by providing our service within the framework of our Trading Standards Service Standards [PDF, 59Kb].

For consumers

Consumer Advice is provided by our partners at the Citizens Advice.

For businesses

We will support and encourage businesses by providing business advice and information to help you get things right first time, so you are less likely to market goods and services that do not comply with Trading Standards laws.

We undertake a targeted inspection programme to create a ‘level playing field’ for you by ensuring compliance by businesses across North Lincolnshire.

We will take appropriate action against traders who fail to comply with Trading Standards legislation in accordance with our Operations Enforcement policy-2019-20 [PDF, 320Kb]

Our service deals with the following areas of Trading Standards law:

Fair Trading – the motor trade, counterfeiting and rogue traders

Safety – product safety, underage sales and the storage of petrol and fireworks

Primary Production Food and Feed– including, labelling, composition and sampling

Animal Health– farmed animal health and welfare

Metrology – weights and measures equipment in use for trade

Trading Standards Business Advice – Register for business advice from the council’s Trading Standards team