Burials and cremation in North Lincolnshire

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Coronavirus update:

Wednesday 13 May, 9am

When someone passes away, particularly when their death is unexpected, it can be very emotionally challenging.

Funerals are taking place but a maximum of 12 family members are allowed to attend. We ask at this time, that families work together with funeral service providers in order to follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe.

All visitors must abide by social distancing rules at all times to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Further information is available in our leaflet; Funerals in North Lincolnshire, minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission.


Thursday 23 April, 11am

Woodlands Cemetery to reopen

The grounds at Woodlands Cemetery are to reopen following changes in Government regulations.
People visiting the grounds are asked to follow Government advice on social distancing.

Funerals are still going ahead with staff working hard to ensure people’s safety. Only close family members (spouse/partner, parents, brother, sister and children) can attend cremations and burials and they must keep two metres apart. Mourners are being asked to wait in their car until the funeral car arrive.

The Crematorium building remains closed to the general public


Our cemeteries and crematorium

Use the map or list below to find contact details and opening times of cemeteries and the crematorium in North Lincolnshire.

We manage eight public cemeteries in North Lincolnshire:

  • Barrow
  • Barton
  • Brigg (and Cemetery extension)
  • Brumby (Scunthorpe)
  • Crosby (Scunthorpe)
  • Frances Street (Scunthorpe)
  • Scawby
  • Winterton
  • Wrawby-cum-Brigg (in Brigg)

As a designated burial and cremation authority, we provide the following facilities and services in North Lincolnshire:

We are responsible for one crematorium and chapel. It is located on Brumby Wood Lane in Scunthorpe.

Woodlands Chapel

We welcome anyone who would like to use the chapel for a period of quiet reflection.

Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance can be viewed during crematorium opening hours.

Traditional burials

Woodlands Cemetery is also available for traditional burials and is located at the same site as the Woodlands Crematorium.

We offer a range of ways for you to remember your loved one, including:

  • garden of remembrance
  • book of remembrance
  • memorial cards
  • tree of remembrance leaf
  • rose garden boulder
  • ashes to glass
  • tower plaques
  • seats
  • ash vaults
  • sundial plaques
  • grave plaques

Please visit our Bereavement Service fees and charges page for options and prices.

Preparing for a funeral

Read our preparing for a funeral page to help you make an informed decision for funeral arrangements

Repatriation to another country

Some countries require an official document before they will let a body into the country for burial. The document is called a ‘cadaver certificate’. It confirms that no epidemic or infectious disease had occurred in the area for three months before the death.

Obtaining a cadaver certificate is usually handled by the undertaker making the arrangements. This is done on behalf of the relatives. However, anyone can apply for the certificate.

The funeral director will help with anything requested by the coroner. They will also help with the requirements of the authorities in the overseas country where the deceased is going. Some of these requirements may also apply for burial in another part of the UK.

The certificate is issued by an environmental health officer from the local council in the area where the person died. This officer will also issue the certificate if the deceased is to be exhumed for reburial elsewhere.

If you need to contact an environmental health officer in North Lincolnshire, please email environmental.health@northlincs.gov.uk or call 01724 297000.

Repatriation of a deceased body from abroad to England or Wales

If a death occurs abroad, the death will need registering according to the local regulations of that country. A death certificate will need collecting. You will need either the death certificate or an authorisation for the removal of the body from the country of death by someone authorised to do so. This is to bring a body back to England or Wales.

To arrange a funeral in England or Wales you will need both of the following:

  • An authenticated translation of a death certificate showing the cause of death.
  • A certificate of ‘No Liability to Register’ from a Registrar of Births and Deaths in England and Wales. This certificate must be obtained from the Registrar of Births and Deaths in the area where the deceased is to be buried or cremated.

To arrange a cremation, a cremation order from the Home Office or form ‘E’ from the coroner is needed. If the death was from natural causes, the Home Office will require the following documentation:

  • Application for cremation (Form ‘A’).
  • All original documentation from the country where death occurred.
  • Translation of documents if necessary

If the death was not natural, it will be referred to the coroner. They will open an inquest to investigate the cause and circumstances of the death. In this case the coroner will issue form ‘E’ for cremation.

Exhuming a deceased body

It is quite rare for a body to be exhumed. Please read our exhuming a deceased body page for details about the process and the licence required.

The Bereavement Services office has the statutory registers and plans for the cemeteries in North Lincolnshire that we are responsible for. The cemeteries are:

  • Barrow
  • Barton
  • Brigg (and Cemetery extension)
  • Brumby (Scunthorpe)
  • Crosby (Scunthorpe)
  • Frances Street (Scunthorpe)
  • Scawby
  • Winterton
  • Wrawby-cum-Brigg (in Brigg)

By law, members of the public are allowed to look (search) only in the Burial Registers. This can be done during normal opening hours at the Bereavement Services office. This is free of charge. Please contact us to make an appointment.

For information about graves in other cemeteries in North Lincolnshire, you will need to contact the relevant church or town or parish council.

Alternatively, you can contact us to request a search to be carried out on your behalf. There will be a charge for this.


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