Burials and cremation in North Lincolnshire

Permitted numbers in the chapel are 200, and a maximum 40 standing mourners in the foyer. Because of the lack of ventilation (non-ventilated area) in the foyer, during continued warm spells, the foyer may be closed, and mourners encouraged to listen to the service being convey via the outside speakers.

For larger services, we do not restrict mourners in outdoor areas and burial services which take place outside are unlimited numbers.

Our Crematorium office is open, however this is by appointment only. The Book of Remembrance room is open to the general public and includes weekends.

While wearing a face covering will become a personal choice, people are asked to adopt safer behaviours and help reduce the risk of infection. Precautions remain particularly important to those who are at higher risk if they catch COVID-19, although due to advances in vaccination and therapeutics, this group is now better protected and therefore the decision will be to ask everyone to continue to wear a face covering, staff and visitors in indoor public spaces (self-responsibility and best practice guidance to be encouraged and welcomed).

Help Project

The Help Project is a service that supports residents over the age of 50 who have experienced the loss of a loved one. The service (a partnership between the council, Age UK Lindsey and Citizens Advice North Lincolnshire) aims to prevent social isolation by creating a friendly support network.

As part of the service, a team member will work with a recently bereaved resident to create a tailored support plan containing practical advice and guidance. The plan may include information on what financial assistance is available, ways to stay connected and active while practicing government guidance on social distancing, and more.

The Help Project information pack [PDF, 316KB] has more information. You can also contact Citizens Advice North Lincolnshire on help@citizensadvicenlincs.org.uk or by calling 01724 296958.

We understand this is a very difficult time for families, and we will do all we can to support you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01724 747555 or email at crematorium@northlincs.gov.uk.

Our cemeteries and crematorium

Use the map or list below to find contact details and opening times of cemeteries and the crematorium in North Lincolnshire.

We manage eight public cemeteries in North Lincolnshire:

  • Barrow
  • Barton
  • Brigg (and Cemetery extension)
  • Brumby (Scunthorpe)
  • Crosby (Scunthorpe)
  • Frances Street (Scunthorpe)
  • Scawby
  • Winterton
  • Wrawby-cum-Brigg (in Brigg)

As a designated burial and cremation authority, we provide the following facilities and services in North Lincolnshire. Additional information is also available in our Bereavement Crematorium and Cemetery Regulations brochure.

We are responsible for one crematorium and chapel. It is located on Brumby Wood Lane in Scunthorpe.

Woodlands Chapel

We welcome anyone who would like to use the chapel for a period of quiet reflection.

Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance can be viewed during crematorium opening hours.

Traditional burials

Woodlands Cemetery is also available for traditional burials and is located at the same site as the Woodlands Crematorium.

Memorials are a lasting symbol of remembrance, and we offer a wide range of memorials including ash vaults, tree leaves, rose boulders, plaques for towers, sundials and baby barbican, as well as seat dedications.

Please use the form below to apply for a new memorial, or to renew an existing one.

We are also able to offer inscriptions into our Books of Remembrance, however these are currently not available online. For more information, please contact the Bereavement office on 01724 747555 or email crematorium@northlincs.gov.uk

Gov.UK has a step by step guide on what to do when someone dies.

Age UK has lots of useful information on arranging a funeral.

Gov.UK has some useful guidance for preparing a funeral during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Burial and cremation

We are designated as a burial and cremation authority which means we provide cemeteries and the crematorium. Although we do not provide these services as a funeral director.

The options currently available are:

  • Traditional grave – with an option to install a memorial or plants over the entire grave
  • Lawn grave – headstones only are allowed plus a limited space in which to put a plant
  • Strewing (scattering) of cremated remains – permitted on lawns and under trees in the crematorium grounds (some areas are restricted)
  • Cremated remains plots – these are available in most of our cemeteries and in some churchyards (you will need to talk to the vicar of the church)
  • Collection of cremated remains for strewing or burial elsewhere

Help with funeral costs

If you are on benefits and you are using a funeral director, you may be able to get a one-off funeral payment to help pay funeral costs. For further information on funeral payments please visit Gov.UK.

Repatriation to another country

Some countries require an official document before they will let a body into the country for burial. The document is called a ‘cadaver certificate’. It confirms that no epidemic or infectious disease had occurred in the area for three months before the death.

Obtaining a cadaver certificate is usually handled by the undertaker making the arrangements. This is done on behalf of the relatives. However, anyone can apply for the certificate.

The funeral director will help with anything requested by the Coroner. They will also help with the requirements of the authorities in the overseas country where the deceased is going. Some of these requirements may also apply for burial in another part of the UK.

The certificate is issued by an environmental health officer from the local council in the area where the person died. This officer will also issue the certificate if the deceased is to be exhumed for reburial elsewhere.

If you need to contact an environmental health officer in North Lincolnshire, please contact environmental.health@northlincs.gov.uk or call 01724 297000.

Repatriation of a deceased body from abroad to England or Wales

If a death occurs abroad, the death will need registering according to the local regulations of that country. Visit Gov.UK for more information.

You need to apply for a licence to remove human remains from the ground.  For further information and to apply for a licence visit Gov.UK

The Bereavement Services office has the statutory registers and plans for the cemeteries in North Lincolnshire that we are responsible for. The cemeteries are:

  • Barrow
  • Barton
  • Brigg (and Cemetery extension)
  • Brumby (Scunthorpe)
  • Crosby (Scunthorpe)
  • Frances Street (Scunthorpe)
  • Scawby
  • Winterton
  • Woodlands crematorium/cemetery
  • Wrawby-cum-Brigg (in Brigg)

The public have the right to view the registers of burials and cremations undertaken by the Burial and Cremation Authority, which is currently North Lincolnshire Council.​

​Whilst this service is free of charge, any physical viewing of the registers must be done by prior appointment and during normal office hours; unfortunately we are unable to leave the registers unaccompanied.​

​Alternatively, please complete our genealogy search form which will be actioned by a member of the Bereavement Services Team, who will then conduct an initial search on your behalf (please note that an initial enquiry is Free of Charge, however subsequent searches are subject to the published fees and charges).​

For information about graves in other cemeteries in North Lincolnshire, you will need to contact the relevant church or town or parish council.

Alternatively, you can contact us to request a search to be carried out on your behalf. There will be a charge for this. See fees and charges information above.



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