Drainage and sewerage

Responsibility for all private sewers and lateral drains which connect to the public sewer system lies with the water and sewerage companies.

We do not own any drainage pipe work other than in respect of being a landlord and we do not provide a service to unblock drains.

There are two water and sewerage companies that serve North Lincolnshire; Anglian Water and Severn Trent.

The water authority map highlights the areas of responsibility of sewers between Anglian Water and Severn Trent.

The drainage plan shows the responsibility for pipe work on your property and the pipework which leads to your property. However, this is indicative and does not cover all aspects of drainage layouts.

If a drain is blocked (the pipe work serving a single property) it is the responsibility of the owner or occupier to arrange a clearance at their own cost.

If the public sewer is blocked it is the responsibility of the water and sewerage company.

We can offer free advice on drainage problems in partnership with landlords and water and sewerage companies.

We provide a service using CCTV equipment to determine faults with drains serving a single property. We investigate recurring drainage problems and identify the layout of drainage systems using dye-testing, which there is a charge for.

Where necessary and appropriate we will take enforcement action in order to resolve drainage problems, and recover all of our costs in doing so.

Drainage surveys, CCTV and dye tracing
Time Domestic Commercial
Per hour  £122 (including VAT)  £122 (including VAT)
Per day  £610 (including VAT)  £732 (including VAT)

For information about flooding and related responsibilities in North Lincolnshire, please visit the flooding and drains section of our website.