Skip licence

Putting a skip on the highway without first applying for, and being granted a licence, is an offence under The Highways Act and may result in prosecution.

The skip owner (supplier) is responsible for making sure that their skips on the highway do not cause an obstruction to other road users. The supplier is also responsible for making sure that the regulations and licence conditions are followed.

Please note that it is the skip company’s responsibility to obtain a skip licence.

Before applying for a licence you are strongly advised to read our Guidelines for placing a builder’s skip on the highway [DOC, 64Kb].

Applying for a skip licence

You can download guidelines on the use of skips on the highway and a paper version of the  Skip Application Form[PDF, 1Mb].

Charges for placing a skip on the highway

Time Cost
Up to seven days £26
Up to 14 days £36
Up to 28 days £71
Up to seven days renewal £26
Up to 14 days renewal £36
Up to 28 days renewal £71

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