Galleries at North Lincolnshire Museum

We have a range of galleries at our museum for you to explore.

Current galleries

Discover the archaeology of North Lincolnshire from the first human arrivals in the early Stone Age to the 17th Century. Explore objects from tiny Iron Age coins to a Bronze Age boat. Come face to face with the Winterton Roman Lady.

Step inside the Ironstone cottage to explore home life in a typical Scunthorpe working class house. All objects in the cottage can be handled.

Peep inside the parlour of the Victorian vicarage. The museum was once a vicarage and this room was the parlour. Featuring a chimney from Bottesford Manor with the crest of the Peacock family.

Investigate the development of North Lincolnshire from the early 1800s to the outbreak of the Second World War. Find out about local folklore and customs, such as the Haxey Hood and Plough Jags.

Experience life in North Lincolnshire during the Second World War. Find out what life was like for those left behind when the men went to war. Step inside an Anderson Shelter and listen to an air raid siren.

Explore life in 1950s, 60s and 70s North Lincolnshire. Investigate the modern gadgets in the 50s style kitchen and 60s living room.

Explore life in the Jurassic period, when North Lincolnshire was under the sea, the Frodingham Ironstone was formed and sea dragons roamed. Discover the weird and wonderful creatures that lived in the sea. Handle real fossils from the museum’s collection.

Discover the history of the iron and steel industry in Scunthorpe from 1858 to the present day. Find out about the role of women in the industry, working conditions and hear fascinating stories from steelworkers. Explore the impact the industry has had in transforming Scunthorpe from a sleepy village into a large town.