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Community exhibitions

We also display regular community exhibitions here at North Lincolnshire Museum.

Coronavirus update: All exhibitions and activities are currently suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak


A Home and a Husband by Tracy Satchwill

The artist was inspired by the steelworker’s cottage in the Museum and she wondered what life would be like for a wife living there. Before creating the piece she read lots of articles and diaries about the lives of women and noted the drudgery and hard work of housework.

Medieval Crafts  

28 March – 13 September 2020

‘Medieval Crafts’ is a celebration of the rich array of skills and trades practiced during the medieval period.

The work of medieval craftsmen and women could be found throughout society, from spectacular high-status items to simple everyday objects such as pottery and clothing. Examples of much of this work still survive today, but the processes that created them are often overlooked.

In this exhibition we will be exploring the stories behind the finished products.

‘Medieval Crafts’ will look at the tools and techniques used to make these artefacts, at how they changed and developed through time and how they fitted into wider medieval society.