Appendix 2 Maps and Streets listings

North Lincolnshire Council is proposing to introduce a selective licensing scheme in two small areas of Scunthorpe where private sector rented properties are concentrated. The proposed designation maps have been provided to assist people in recognising each location. A comprehensive list of streets is also provided.

It is advised that you use the map first to check if your rental property falls within the boundary of Area 1 and Area 2 and then use the table to cross reference the number. If your property is located on a street with partial numbers but does not appear in the table please contact housing@northlincs.gov.uk and a further manual check can be made.

Area 1

Area 1: This area is to the north and west of Scunthorpe town centre and covers parts of the Crosby & Park and Town wards. It is an area of high-density housing, mainly comprising terraced properties built in the early 20th century. It covers approximately 1,230 households living in private rented sector properties.

Map showing streets in area 1 of the selective licensing consultation
Street Property number if not all of street included
Allanby Street 2-28 (evens)
Allanby Street Car Park
Allanby Street Tenfoot
Berkeley Street 2-98 (evens), 1-131 (odds), Berkeley Mews, Mehar Lodge
Buckingham Street North 64-114 (evens), 59-109 (odds)
Buckingham Street South 22 – 28 (evens), 50-62 (evens), 55-57 (odds)
Burke Street
Burke Street North
Chapel Court
Chapel Street
Chatterton Crescent
Clarke Street
Crosby Road
Dale Street
Dale Street North
Detuyll Street
Diana Street
Digby Street 2-106 (evens), 1-109 (odds)
Elizabeth Street 1-53 (odds)
Ferry Road
Fox Street
Frances Street 36-66 (evens), 43-71 (odds)
Frodingham Road
George Street
Gilliatt Street
Glebe Road
Grange Avenue
Grosvenor Street North
Grosvenor Street South
Gurnell Street
Hadleigh Court
Mulgrave Street
Normanby Road 2-32 (evens), 1-39 (odds), Bay Tree Court Residential Home, The Cygnets
Old Crosby 14-70 (evens), 21-53 (odds), Crosby Mews
Old School Close
Parkinson Avenue
Percival Street
Porter Street
Sheffield Street
Sheffield Street East
Sheffield Street West 98-128 (evens), 87-125 (odds)
Smith Street 2-32 (evens), 1-61 (odds)
Taylor Court 2-6 (evens), 1-5 (odds)
Teale Street
Warren Road
Wells Street
West Street
West Street Car Park

Area 2

Area 2: This area is south of both Scunthorpe town centre and the railway line and covers part of the Frodingham ward. The housing in this area is also predominately small, terraced properties built in the early 20th century, but there are also some larger semi-detached houses built later. It covers approximately 275 households living in private rented sector properties.

Map outlining the streets and roads in area 2 of the consultation, Crosby, Park and Town wards.

Street Property number if not all of street included
Alexander Road
Ashby Road 2-6 (evens)
Avon Road
Brigg Road
Cemetery Road
Cliff Street
Colin Road
Cottage Beck Road 1-181 (odds), Horners Row
Crown Green Court
Fairmont Crescent
Forge Close
Frodingham Footpath between Rowland Road and Cottage Beck Road
Frodingham Footpath between Station Road and Rowland Road
Hallgarth Avenue
Howdens Hill
Kettering Road
Lindsey Street
Link Road between Brigg Road and Alexander Road
Montrose Street
Neville Road
Percy Street
Pinchbeck Avenue
Queen Street
Redbourne Street
Redbourne Way
Rowland Road
The Close
The Crofts
Trent Street
Warwick Road
William Street
Winn Street