Planning policy – neighbourhood planning

Details of existing neighbourhood plans in North Lincolnshire, how to start your own neighbourhood plans, and our duty to help.

The Localism Act 2011 brought about reforms to the planning system in England which give communities more control and influence over their area and how it should develop. The main tool for doing this is the community-led Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood planning allows residents, employees and businesses to come together through a local town or parish council or neighbourhood forum to say where, for example, they think new houses, businesses and shops should go and what they should look like. Neighbourhood planning is not compulsory nor should it be used as a means to stop development. Any plans must be broadly in line with the Local Plan for the area.

Further information on starting neighbourhood planning, neighbourhood development orders and neighbourhood planning frequently asked questions is available below.

Grant funding

All groups undertaking a neighbourhood plan or a neighbourhood development order are eligible to apply for up to £10,000. Find out more on the neighbourhood planning website.


Keep up to date with consultations, reforms and much more by reading the neighbourhood planning newsletter.

Neighbourhood planning in North Lincolnshire

In North Lincolnshire, neighbourhood planning can be led by town or parish councils, or bodies called Neighbourhood Forums (where town or parish councils do not exist).

To get started you must apply to have your area and forum (if appropriate) officially designated. Please use the appropriate form below.

Neighbourhood Area Status application

Neighbourhood Forum application

Applications for Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum status will be advertised on this page for six weeks to allow comments to be made.

Where a neighbourhood plan is likely to have a significant effect on the environment a strategic environmental assessment must be carried out and an environmental report prepared. A qualifying body (town council, parish council or forum) must also show how its plan will contribute to achieving sustainable development: a sustainability appraisal could be a useful approach for doing this.

The Background Information for Qualifying Bodies explains the SEA process for town councils, parish councils or neighbourhood forums. It should be read in conjunction with the SEA for the relevant Neighbourhood Plan.

We have a duty to support communities in North Lincolnshire that wish to do neighbourhood planning, so contact us for a discussion and advice.

An NDO grants planning permission for all or certain uses in a specific location within the Neighbourhood Plan Area.

Neighbourhood Development Orders – Fact Sheet [PDF, 55Kb]

In addition, Community Right to Build Orders could be available as a means of providing community-led site development.

Community Right to Build Orders – Fact Sheet [PDF, 59Kb]