Local nature reserves

Information about the 17 nature reserves in North Lincolnshire, get involved as a volunteer, or organise a school visit.

Water safety

In warm weather, increasing numbers of people, especially children, can be tempted to cool off in bodies of open water. The temptation can prove fatal, as they put themselves at risk of drowning.

Nature reserves in North Lincolnshire

In North Lincolnshire there is an abundance of wildlife right on people’s doorsteps with 17 Local Nature Reserves covering around 310 hectares across the region. This is 1.89 hectares per 1,000 people in North Lincolnshire – above the national target of one hectare of Local Nature Reserve per 1,000 people. Each of the Local Nature Reserves is unique and visitors will see a range of different habitats including ancient semi-natural woodland, broadleaved woodland, scrub, acid grassland, lowland meadow, calcareous grassland, open mosaic (brownfield), reedbed, open water and ponds.

If you haven’t already, why don’t you discover all the Local Nature Reserves in North Lincolnshire?

There are many other nature reserves in North Lincolnshire, managed by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

Waters’ Edge Country Park and Visitor Centre is part of the South Humber Collection visitor attractions. Both the park and visitor centre run a regular programme of events. Visit our Waters’ Edge pages for more information.

If you want to get involved as a volunteer on our local nature reserves, or to organise a school visit, please contact us.

North Lincolnshire Conservation Volunteers

The North Lincolnshire Conservation Volunteers received funding from Tesco to get people out taking wildlife and landscape photographs on local nature reserves and other green spaces around North Lincolnshire and you can view the Into the Wild [PDF, 7Mb] booklet. (Please note: this booklet is not fully accessible. If you require an accessible version, please contact Communicationsteam@northlincs.gov.uk)



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