Housing and Employment Land Allocations – EXAMINATION

The Housing and Employment Land Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) sets out which sites the council intend to allocate for future housing development and where new employment opportunities will be located.

It will also define town and district shopping centre boundaries to show where future retail development should take place and future settlement development limits.


Proposed Main Modifications

Following the closure of the independent examination, the council has prepared a number of Proposed Main Modifications to the DPD at the request of the Planning Inspector who examined the document.

These were set out in a Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications, which was published for a six week consultation period from Wednesday 10 June to Wednesday 22 July 2015. It was accompanied by an updated Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Report and Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA).


The Inspector

Planning Inspector; Mr Derek Stebbing BA Hons, Dip E.P., MRTPI has been appointed to undertake an independent Examination into the soundness of the Plan.

The Inspector’s task is to consider the soundness of the submitted Plan, based on the criteria set out in paragraph 182 of the National Planning Policy Framework (the Framework). The relevant soundness criteria are whether the Plan is:

1 – positively prepared (based on a strategy that seeks to meet objectively assessed development and infrastructure requirements, including unmet requirements from neighbouring authorities where it is reasonable to do so and consistent with achieving sustainable development);

2 – justified (the most appropriate strategy when considered against the reasonable alternatives, based on proportionate evidence);

3 – effective (the Plan should be deliverable over its period and based on effective joint working on cross-boundary strategic priorities); and

4 – consistent with national policy (the Plan should enable the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in the Framework)

The Inspector will take into account the representations submitted on the Plan at the Pre Submission stage as far as they relate to soundness considerations. A number of informal debates will take place on the principal matters identified by the Inspector these are termed Hearing Sessions.

Following the closure of the Examination, the Inspector will prepare a report to the Council with precise recommendations; these recommendations may include modifications to the Plan, if such a request is made by the Council.

A briefing note has been prepared by the Inspector to help people the process.

Any queries people may have regarding the Examination process should be directed to the Programme Officer who will be happy to assist.


Examination Documents

The examination Documents contain all documents submitted to the Examination process post submission of the Plan to the Planning Inspectorate.

EXAM no. Document Doc Type
EXAM1 Inspector’s Preliminary Questions (20.08.2014) 37k PDF
EXAM2 North Lincolnshire Council Response to Inspector’s Preliminary Questions in EXAM 96k PDF
EXAM3 Lincolnshire Council Response to Inspector’s Preliminary Questions in EXAM1 – Appendix – Housing Trajectory 143k PDF
EXAM4 Inspector’s Further Preliminary Questions (09.09.2014) 37k PDF
EXAM5 North Lincolnshire Council Response to Inspector’s Further Preliminary Questions in EXAM4 122k PDF
EXAM6 North Lincolnshire Council Response to Inspector’s Further Preliminary Questions in EXAM4 – Appendix – Statement on Housing Allocations and the Impact on Primary and Secondary School Provision 61k PDF
EXAM7 North Lincolnshire Council – Assessment of Five Year Housing Land Supply 78k PDF
EXAM8 Wren Living Planning Application Form    4.5mb PDF
EXAM8A Wren Living Planning Application – Environmental Statement: Non-Technical Summary 195k PDF
EXAM8B Wren Living Planning Application Form 195k PDF
EXAM9 Schedule of Changes (Updated 09.04.15)  39k PDF
EXAM10 Proposed Development Limit Changes Agreed By The Council:
EXAM10 Barnetby le Wold 1.8mb PDF
EXAM10 Brigg 7.5mb PDF
EXAM10 Brigg Town Centre 2mb PDF
EXAM10 Owston Ferry 2mb PDF
EXAM10 Scawby 2mb PDF
EXAM10 Scunthorpe 6.5mb PDF
EXAM10 Winterton 4mb PDF
EXAM10 Worlaby 1.5mb PDF
EXAM11 Habitat Regulations Assessment – Updated (16.01.2015)  14mb PDF
EXAM12 Inspector’s Letter to South Derbyshire Local Plan – Objectively Assessed Housing Need (10.12.14) 86k PDF
EXAM13  Gypsies and Travellers – The Council’s Approach to Providing for the Needs of Gypsies and Travellers in the District & Updated Position (13.01.15) 294k PDF
EXAM14 Housing Trajectory (26.01.15) (updates EXAM3) 75k PDF
EXAM15 Update on Governance, Cross Boundary Collaboration, Infrastructure Delivery and the South Humber Bank 817k PDF
EXAM15 Appendix 1: Humber Strategic Economic Plan 817k PDF
EXAM15 Appendix 2: Greater Lincolnshire Strategic Economic Plan – Part 1 817k PDF
EXAM15 Our Plan & Part 2: Technical Appendix 817k PDF
EXAM16 Housing Requirement & Objectively Assessed Need – Scenario 3     491k PDF
EXAM17 Report of Biodiversity of “Asda” Field, Burringham Road  465k PDF
EXAM17A North Lincolnshire Council Response – Report of Biodiversity of “Asda” Field, Burringham Road 2mb PDF
EXAM18 Decision Notice – Planning Permission for Scunthorpe Speedway Track & Associated Facilities 616k PDF
EXAM19 Note on Status of Local Wildlife Site to the North of Site SCUH-10 884k PDF
EXAM20 Wren Living – Falkland Way Masterplan 1.5mb PDF
EXAM21 Bell Watson Response to EXAM19 4.5mb PDF
EXAM22 North Lincolnshire Council Response – Inspector’s Regarding Site SCUH-11 & Use Classes 1.7mb PDF
EXAM23 Letter from Brigg Town Council – Grammar School Road Allotments 314k PDF
EXAM24 Surplus Land & Property 113k PDF
EXAM25 Brigg Link Road – Business Case 54k PDF
EXAM26 Town Centre Masterplan 3mb PDF
EXAM27 South Leys – Option K 617k PDF
EXAM28 Letter from Lucent Group – Lincolnshire Lakes Delivery 95k PDF
EXAM29 Westcliff Masterplan 1.2mb PDF
EXAM30 Land at 91 Barrow Road, Barton upon Humber – North Lincolnshire Council Response: Archaeology 2mb PDF
EXAM31 Lincolnshire Lakes Planning Application – Decisions and s.106 of Heads of Terms 11mb PDF
EXAM32 Holme Lane, Scunthorpe – Availability – Letter from Landowner 142k PDF
EXAM33 Site KIRH-1, Station Road, Kirton in Lindsey – Drainage Study 3mb PDF
EXAM34 Land north of Cemetery Road, Winterton – North Lincolnshire Council Response: Archaeology Survey 49k PDF
EXAM35 Winterton Town Council Response – Development Limits 32k PDF
EXAM35A Further Comments from Winterton Town Council – Winterton Development Limits 774k PDF
EXAM36 Consideration of Winterton One Way System 51k PDF
EXAM37 Comments on Policy PS1 – Submitted by Mr. P. Tattersfield  32k PDF
EXAM37A North Lincolnshire Council Response to Mr. Tattersfield’s Comments on Policy PS1 49k PDF
EXAM37B Further Comments on Policy PS1 – Submitted by Mr. P. Tattersfield 16k PDF
EXAM38 Request Made By North Lincolnshire Council under section 20(7)(c) of the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 445k PDF
EXAM39 Scunthorpe Town Centre Boundary 2010 – Submitted by Mr. P. Tattersfield 955k PDF
EXAM40 Suggested Development Limit Change for Broughton – Submitted by W.H. Strawson Ltd  738k PDF
EXAM41 Keigar Homes – Settlement Development Boundary Information – Goxhill 2mb PDF
EXAM42 Winterton Traffic Counts 18mb PDF
EXAM43 Sandtoft Traffic Counts & Accident Data  2.5mb PDF
EXAM44 A160 / A180 Port of Immingham Major Improvement Schemes  2mb PDF
EXAM45 Kiegar Homes Settlement Boundary Information – Winterton 4mb PDF
EXAM46 Isle of Axholme & Hatfield Chase Landscape Partnership – Landscape Character Assessment 4mb PDF
EXAM47 Isle of Axholme & Hatfield Chase Landscape Partnership – Audience and Community Development Strategy 1.5mb PDF
EXAM48 Draft Policy KRIH2 66k PDF
EXAM49 Core Strategy Inspector’s Report (May 2011) 226k PDF
EXAM50 Note on Consideration of Epworth One Way System 37k PDF
EXAM51 Correspondence from Messingham PC re Development Limits 338k PDF
EXAM52 Appeal Decision – 7 Lakes Industrial Estate, Ealand (15.10.14) 3.2mb PDF
EXAM53 Pro Truck Auctions Ltd, 2011 Planning Application – Sandtoft Industrial Estate 185k PDF
EXAM54 House of Lords & House of Commons – Able Marine Energy Park Development Consent Order 2014, Report of Session 2014 – 2015 (30.10.14) 91k PDF
EXAM55 Able Marine Energy Park – Development Consent Order 2014 1.2mb PDF
EXAM56 Able Marine Energy Park – Decision, December 2013 2mb PDF
EXAM57 Able Marine Energy Park, Panel’s Findings and Recommendations to Secretary of State (24 February 2013) 687k PDF
EXAM58 Marine Management Organisation Letter – Immingham Western Deep Water Jetty 295k PDF
EXAM59 ABP Triangle PowerPoint 3mb PDF
EXAM60 Former RAF Kirton in Lindsey – Listed Buildings in the Ownership of J. & J. Harvey 416k PDF
EXAM61 Wren Living Planning Application 2014 – Environmental Health and Biodiversity Comments 348k PDF
EXAM62 Kirton in Lindsey Barracks – North Lincolnshire Council Statement 33k PDF
EXAM63 Joint Committee of the House of Lords & House of Commons – Able Marine Energy Park Development Order 2014 – Transcript of Hearing 3mb PDF
EXAM64 Appeal Decision – Former British Sugar Site, Brigg 3.5mb PDF
EXAM65 Planning Histories – Goxhill & New Holland 48k PDF
EXAM66 Appeal Decision – Holland Place, New Holland 130k PDF
EXAM67 Extant Planning Permissions – Belton, Broughton & Epworth 40k PDF
EXAM68 RAF Kirton in Lindsey – Montagu Evans Planning Commentary 5mb PDF
EXAM69 Normanby Enterprise Park – Slag Banks: Draft Reclamation & Land Quality Assessment  308k PDF
EXAM70 Areas with Planning Permissions within BARH-1 & BARH-2  4mb PDF
EXAM71 Assessment of Mr. Hanson’s Proposal – Development Limit – Scawby 191k PDF
EXAM71A Mr Hanson’s Response to EXAM 71- Scawby Development Limit 502k PDF
EXAM72 Proposed Development Limit – New Holland (Submitted by Mrs. Graves) 3.5mb PDF
EXAM73 Barton on Humber Town Council’s Response to Wren Living Application 62k PDF
EXAM74 Application to Apply for Judicial Review of the Able Humber Ports Decision – Notification of Judge’s Decision 91k PDF
EXAM75 Environment Agency Clarification of Position – Engine Street, Brigg 362k PDF
EXAM76 Assessment of Castlefield Yard, Hibaldstow 73k PDF
EXAM77 North Lincolnshire Council – Further Information on East Butterwick Development Limit 2mb PDF
EXAM78 North Lincolnshire Council – Re-assessment of Winteringham Development Limit 1.5mb PDF
EXAM78A Mr March’s Response to NLC’s Re-assessment of Winteringham Development Limit 210k PDF
EXAM79 Johnson Brook – Further Statement Wren Living Proposal, Barton on Humber 67k PDF
EXAM80 EALE-2 Criteria Clarification 42k PDF
EXAM81 NLC Refinement of Development Limit Boundaries to Epworth, Haxey, Hibaldstow, Kirmington and Kirton in Lindsey 48k PDF
EXAM82 Saved Policy Notations 67k PDF
EXAM83 Worlaby Parish Council – Comments on Worlaby Development Limit 57k PDF
EXAM84 South Ferriby Parish Council – Comments on South Ferriby Development Limit 2.5mb PDF
EXAM85 Antony Aspbury Associates – Post Examination Response on Land Supply & Conesby Farm 325k PDF
EXAM86 Antony Aspbury Associates – Conesby Farm Noise Summary 480k PDF
EXAM87 Antony Aspbury Associates – Conesby Farm Illustrative Masterplans 2.5mb PDF
EXAM88 Site SANE-1 – Covering Letter and Highways Technical Note  9mb PDF
EXAM89 Keigar Homes Transport Assessment – North Street, Winterton (03.02.15) 4mb PDF
EXAM90 Information Supplied by Keigar Homes to Winterton Town Council re Settlement Boundary 830k PDF
EXAM91 Keigar Homes ­ Information on Cemetery Road Omission Site and Park Street Settlement Boundary, Winterton 77k PDF
EXAM92 Scawby Development Limit – Scawby Parish Council View 34k PDF
EXAM93 Scawby Development Limit – Correspondence Between North Lincolnshire Council, Strutt & Parker and Sturton Nurseries 250k PDF
EXAM94 Self Build Policy – North Lincolnshire Council Note 41k PDF
EXAM95 Worlaby Development Limit – North Lincolnshire Council Note 57k PDF
EXAM96 Draft North Lincolnshire Monitoring Report 2014 1.5mb PDF
EXAM97 Local Development Framework/New North Lincolnshire Local Plan Timetable 47k PDF
EXAM98 Associated British Ports – Press Release 69k PDF
EXAM99 Additional Information Submitted by ABP – SHBE-1 1.2mb PDF
EXAM100 Update on Sport England Position 155k PDF
EXAM101 WINH4 Access Note 166k PDF

NOTE: the above maps will be available to view as part of the examination library. Maps of all other settlement development limits will also be available to view as part of the library.


Schedule of Changes

The council has prepared a schedule of changes to the DPD, listed above as EXAM9, which are considered to be minor editing changes that are appropriate to address representations submitted by respondents during the consultation period, and cover changes agreed through the Statements of Common Ground with a number of parties (see Statements of Common Ground Section below).

This schedule is considered to be a live document as it may be subject to further amendments as the hearing session progress. Updated versions will appear above, as appropriate.


The Programme Officer

The Programme Officer, Ian Kemp, will act as the contact for any person who has an interest in the Examination and as a liaison between the Inspector, Council and Respondents.

He is an independent Officer of the Examination and works on behalf of the Inspector to organise and manage the administrative and procedural matters of the Examination process.

Mr Kemp is the appropriate point of contact for any questions relating to timetabling or procedural matters. All statements will also be submitted through him.

Any matters that anyone wishes to raise with the Inspector should be submitted via the Programme Officer.

Contact details:

Ian Kemp
16 Cross Furlong
Droitwich Spa


01527 861771

0772 3009166

Mr Kemp will be contacting all Respondents with details of the Examination process in due course.


Hearing Sessions Venue and Timetable

The hearing sessions commenced at 10.00am on Tuesday 13 January 2015 at the Baths Hall, Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe DN15 7RG and ran until Thursday 22 January 2015. A Programme for the hearing sessions can be found below:


Further Written Statements

Following the deadline for the receipt of respondents written statements, the following statements were received. These can be viewed via the link below.


Statements of Common Ground

The Council have entered into a number of Statements of Common Ground with several of the respondents to the DPD. To date, five Statements of Common Ground have been agreed.


Evidence Base Documents

In preparing the Plan the Council both refer to and were informed by a number of documents that together form the ‘Evidence Base’ for the Examination.

This page will be updated regularly as more details about the examination become available.

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Friday: 9am to 4.30pm


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