Team NL Community Champions

Covid-19 and the preventative measures designed to reduce the spread and protect the most vulnerable from the effects of the virus continue to impact all of us in North Lincolnshire.

The Team NL Champions network is designed to empower thousands of residents to remain up to date with the latest information, advice and guidance about Covid-19 direct from public health experts. You will know what is happening and what you and your community can do to help.

Preventative measures are relatively simple though there is a lot of information and misinformation available through traditional media outlets and across new media platforms.

Despite a large amount of information, the basics remain true – hand washing, wearing face coverings and keeping a safe social distance (hands, face, space) remain critical. When done together, they are effective preventative measures.

If Covid gets through these first three lines of defence, then self-isolation is the next step which we must all take.

Sharing these messages and enabling communities to adhere to the measures is everyone’s responsibility.

The council will keep the Champions informed of the latest advice and guidance so that they can help themselves, their families and friends and their community members so they can help to make sense of the latest facts about the virus.

By having and sharing clear information, you, your friends, family and community can make informed choices.

Champions can be anyone in the community. You might be the person that everyone knows and trusts. You might be someone who wants to help in whatever way you can- even if this is your first time.

How it works

  • You sign up to be a Team NL Champion
  • We give Champions regular updates with the latest information about Covid-19
  • Champions share this information with anyone in their community, however they want
  • Champions let us know what is and isn’t working
  • Together we can make sure that everyone in North Lincolnshire has the information they need to stay safe and healthy.

Included is:

  • Weekly update via email;
  • Priority access to the latest information, advice and guidance
  • The ability to feedback on how your community is adapting to Covid-19
  • Regular public health briefings and opportunities to share ideas and collaborate with fellow Team NL Champions.

Become a Team NL Community Champion

To become a Team NL Community Champion and sign up to the newsletter simply click the button below and input your details.

If you have a query about council services during this time, please make use of online guidance first and if you don’t find the information or support you need, complete the coronavirus support form.  Please only use our contact centre number if you really have to. This will help staff to prioritise supporting our most vulnerable residents and allocate your request.

01724 297000

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Friday 9am to 4.30pm