Residential Care Placements Sufficiency review

What is the market message?

North Lincolnshire Council is committed to supporting our residents to live and age well through enabling self-care, care closer to home and the right care in the right place to make best use of resources. More of our residents are being supported to remain in their own homes for longer meaning that as a whole, North Lincolnshire now has an oversupply of care home places for older adults and changing needs for specialist provision.

Why is this important?

We need a high-quality care home market which can adapt to meet the future needs of our older adults.

What is the background information?

North Lincolnshire has 59 care homes registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), with an approximate capacity of 1,970 placements.

Occupancy levels in individual care homes range from 35 per cent to 100 per cent.

In April 2021, 85 per cent of care homes were rated as either ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by the CQC. Occupancy levels are generally higher in homes rated as ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’.

What are the main points to note?

A review in July 2020 showed there were 1,509 occupied residential care home placements in North Lincolnshire, out of the 1,970 total places available this equates to an average vacancy rate of 24 per cent.

In order to operate at the recommended minimum average vacancy rate of 12 per cent, that would require a total of only 1,715 available placements. This suggests an oversupply of 255 available placements.

What needs to happen next?

North Lincolnshire Council is currently undertaking a review of provision and need across the care sector – a series of engagement events will be held with stakeholders throughout 2021/22 including current and prospective providers, residents, carers and families. To get involved, please complete your contact information on the form below.


Implications for the supplier market

We wish to work with and support providers of care home placements to rethink and redesign the care we provide for older adults to develop and embrace innovative and high-quality solutions to meet future needs.

We are committed to meeting need at the lowest level and to inform and support the market to develop and embrace innovative solutions, adapt and transform to Invest in North Lincolnshire.