North Lincolnshire and Goole Hospital Trust Children’s Therapy Services and Guide to Partnership Working

Where does the team work?

The children’s therapy team provides a service across a wide range of community settings, including mainstream schools, children’s centres, special schools, early years provision and the child development centre. Staff work in a variety of locations and with a range of client groups. For further information, read the Guide to therapy services for children and young people in mainstream schools [PDF, 239Kb].

Who commissions children’s therapies?

The North Lincolnshire Health and Care Partnership (GP Commissioning Bodies) currently commission children’s therapy services. However, the local authority and some individual schools also commission services to add to core NHS provision. The Children and Young People’s Partnership, which has members from the local authority and health services, has acknowledged the importance of having a ‘joined up’ approach to the commissioning of services and is committed to this.

What are the aims of the service?

Our main aims are to provide high quality and effective therapy services which help children and young people to:

  • develop and make progress at school or nursery to the best of their ability
  • be as independent as possible and make choices for themselves
  • have satisfying relationships at home and at school
  • participate and feel confident
  • be free from discomfort, stay well and be safe

We are committed to providing services which are:

  • built around the needs of individual children and their families, and respect their views and choices
  • holistic – seeing a person not a patient
  • accessible to all
  • delivered in partnership with schools, families, children and young people
  • delivered by caring, approachable and skilled staff
  • effective, evidence based and good value for money

Guide to Partnership Working

We know that effective joint working relies on good communication, clear expectations of each other and a shared commitment to achieving positive outcomes for children and young people.

Across North Lincolnshire there are already many examples of good partnership working. The Guide to Partnership Working [PDF, 212Kb] document makes clear what has helped make this possible, so that it can be replicated elsewhere. It is by spreading good practice that we will make the best use of our collective resources, and ensure that our children and young people get the best possible support, whatever their needs.

We hope that school staff, families and therapists make effective use of this guidance so that through our joint efforts, we can ensure North Lincolnshire is a place with:

‘SAFE children, SUPPORTED families, TRANSFORMED lives’