Independent advocacy

Information about the independent advocate for eligible adults in North Lincolnshire.

About the independent advocate

It is important for everyone to be involved and have their say in decisions about their lives, including their care and support. An advocate can help you to get your views heard if you have difficulty doing this without support.

Advocates are independent. They are not there to give their opinion or to represent the opinions of particular organisations. They are there to support you – and it is your views they are interested in hearing and representing.

Further information

An advocate might:

  • Help you to access information that you need
  • Accompany you to meetings/interviews if you want them to
  • Assist you with correspondence such as letters or phone calls
  • Represent your views in situations where you don’t feel able to speak for yourself

Advocacy services in North Lincolnshire are provided by Cloverleaf Advocacy.

You may be referred to Cloverleaf by a health or social care professional or community organisation you are in contact with.

You can also get in touch with Cloverleaf yourself. Their services are free to all eligible adults. They can be contacted using the phone number and email address in the Contact details section of this page.

Those requiring more specialised forms of advocacy, such as support from an Independent Mental Health Advocate or Independent Mental Capacity Advocate cannot self refer. These types of advocates are appointed through a formal process and only in specific circumstances.

North Lincolnshire Council and NHS North Lincolnshire undertook a public consultation designed to find out what people want from an advocacy service. The views of everyone that contributed to the consultation were put into a report.

Cloverleaf won the contract with Adult Services to deliver the Advocacy service.

Here is a message from Cloverleaf:

“There are many reasons why people need help to get their voices heard.

We support people across the North of England to speak up.

We help people to:

  • express their views
  • secure their rights
  • represent themselves and get the help they need

We will work with you as an equal partner.

We can support you whether you are at home, in hospital or in a residential or nursing home. We also support people in medium and low security psychiatric units.

Our services are free and confidential (we are a registered charity).

Cloverleaf Advocacy services are independent from health and social care providers, the NHS, social services, residential homes and hospitals.

We have been awarded the Quality Performance Mark (QPM) for one to one advocacy services.”

The local advocacy service can support you to access services that you need, including care and support.

Cloverleaf work with older people, people with learning difficulties, people with mental health issues and people with physical or sensory impairments.

Cloverleaf cannot provide advocacy services in cases of employment disputes, family disputes or disputes with a financial provider.