Healthy eating

Eating healthier is important for everyone because a balanced and nutritious diet:

  • improves your health and reduces your risk of illness and disease like cancers and heart disease
  • helps you to achieve and maintain a healthier weight
  • supports you to look and feel your best!

How to eat healthier

The key to healthier eating is getting the right amount of food for how active you are and eating a balanced range of foods. Tips for eating healthier include:

  1. Have three main meals a day and choose healthy snacks in between if required
  2. Base meals on starchy foods that are high in fibre
  3. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables – fresh, frozen, dried or tinned
  4. Eat more fish – especially oily fish
  5. Cut down on saturated fat and sugar
  6. Try to eat less salt – no more than 6g a day for adults, children should have less
  7. Don’t get thirsty – hydrate with at least 1.5ltr of water or skimmed milk each day
  8. Don’t skip breakfast

For further tips and advice, join Change4life for free.  The Change4life site offers a wide range of ideas for making meals and snacks healthier, along with tasty balanced recipes!