Cross Sector Provider Partnership

The Cross Sector Provider Partnership (CSPP) invites providers from all sectors to work together to achieve the best outcomes for people in North Lincolnshire.  These include public, private, and third sector partners.


The Cross Sector Provider Partnership will:

  • Enable providers and partners in North Lincolnshire to have a greater understanding of the market in the area
  • Be a positive forum to share expertise, development, learning, innovation, information and best practice – to understand and respond to the emerging customer market
  • Provide Market Position Statement updates
  • Enable providers to build networks and identify ways of working together
  • Identify solutions to overcome common barriers and to identify areas for joint development
  • Explore workforce development opportunities
  • Share challenges ahead and develop joint solutions
  • Consider diversity in all aspects of the partnership
  • Develop opportunities to work in collaborative and constructive partnerships
  • Invite speakers who can give an insight into current initiatives

For further information about the North Lincolnshire CSPP please contact us on 01724 296009.

The North Lincolnshire Adults Cross Sector Provider Partnership Steering Group meets four times a year. The latest minutes are available to download. Older minutes can be obtained by emailing us.

The CSPP Terms of Reference [PDF, 161Kb] sets out the aims, objectives, outcomes, membership and representation of the group.

The Steering group membership is as follows:

  • Rebecca Buss (Chair), Director Registered Manager, Elite Care Solutions, Home Care, rebecca.buss@elitecaresolutions.co.uk
  • Kirsty Sutton (Vice Chair), Operations Director, Kapil Care Homes, Care Homes, kirsty.sutton@kapilcare.co.uk
  • Diane Ewen, Area Manager, Creative Support, Supportive Living, diane.ewen@creativesupport.co.uk
  • Emma Blyth, Registered Manager, Emerald Care Services, Home Care, Domiciliary Care, emmablyth@emeraldcareservices.co.uk
  • Finola Blyth, Registered Manager, Emerald Care Services, Home Care Domiciliary Care, finolablyth.emeraldcare@btconnect.com
  • Carrie Butler, Delivery Manager, Healthwatch North Lincolnshire, Voluntary Sector, cbutler@healthwatchnorthlincolnshire.co.uk
  • Lynn Hudson, Service Manager, Penderels Trust, Independent Living, lhudson@penderelstrust.org.uk
  • Luke Stocks, Registered Manager, Options (Autism), Learning Disabilities Care, luke.stocks@optionsautism.co.uk
  • Howard Westoby, Director Carers’ Support Centre, Voluntary Sector, howard.westoby@carerssupportcentre.com
  • Katy Carter, Procurement Manager, North Lincolnshire CCG, NHS, katycarter@nhs.net
  • Kirsten Spark, Engagement Manager, North Lincolnshire CCG, NHS, kirsten.spark@nhs.net
  • Penny Ellis, Senior Account Manager, Tunstall Healthcare Ltd., Telehealth /Assisted Technology, Penny.Ellis@tunstall.com
  • Tracey Hotham, Senior Officer Humbercare Ltd., Housing Related Support, tracey.hotham@humbercare.org.uk
  • Jo Johnson, Service Manager – Provider Management and Development, North Lincolnshire Council, Local Authority, Jo.Johnson@northlincs.gov.uk
  • Diane Wingate, Commissioning Officer (CSPP Support), North Lincolnshire Council, Local Authority, Diane.Wingate@northlincs.gov.uk
  • Misty Filby, Commissioning Support Assistant (Minute Taker), North Lincolnshire Council, Local Authority, Misty.Filby@northlincs.gov.uk

Contact details


01724 296009 or 01724 297000

Integrated and People Commissioning Team
Prevention and Commissioning Services
Hewson House
North Lincolnshire
DN20 8XB