Intercountry adoption

An intercountry adoption is an adoption of a child who is habitually resident in one country by an individual or couple who are habitually resident in another country.

Intercountry adoption is a complex process with very stringent legalities. Compliance is required through UK legislation as well as the relevant country’s legislation. It is important to note that the legislation in different countries is often not the same.

Intercountry adoption is not an easy option. A thorough assessment is completed before a child is placed away from their country of origin, community and extended family. If you are thinking about intercountry adoption, then it is important that you think carefully about the long term affects on both yourself and the child.

As a prospective intercountry adopter, we advise you to look beyond the initial desire to provide a child from another country with a stable home and loving parents and think about the long term affects it may have on you and the child.

If you are considering intercountry adoption we will initially gather information from you. North Lincolnshire Council works in collaboration with other agencies to offer potential intercountry adopters the specialist service they require.

If you want to consider, or would like more information about becoming an intercountry adoptive parent, please contact us. Alternatively you can complete an adoption enquiry form.